Suki Jensen-Ramirez
Suki Jensen-Ramirez

A hundred ways to fuck Suki

Mobile torture trolley – This handy invention brings the torture chamber into your own home. Like the hostess trolley it is a must for every submissive female. Once strapped into position a girl can be fucked at either end. Pour gasoline over her for that special greasy slipperiness while you fuck. It adds an extra frisson if you attach that battery to her pussy lips and nipples. Watch out! Sparks may fly!

Log in time – No, that’s not coming out of me, it’s going in. A huge dildo in the anus and she’s pulling my hair out by the roots too.

Your bondage bitch – I’m a playful little puppy with my leather harness, mask and ears. Ooops, I’m not allowed on the bed, am I?

Kissing power – My dog really helped me seamlessly get over the split with my boyfriend.

A pendulum for my pussy – So I should make a wish, should I? I wish that little monkey would stop stuffing cold metal into my pussy.

Monkeying around – Ah, that’s much better. Something warm and flexible in my anus.

My caveman – Oh, fuck! That’s warm but it’s hard and a lot bigger. What a caveman!

Oooh, that smarts – I can still feel the aftershock of all that penetration.

Come on my tits – A load shot across my bows, shipmates. That’ll teach me.

I’ll be right with you, honey – Nurse Suki has her hands full at the sex clinic. It’s like being a dairy maid – one penis after the other.

Suki milks it – Fucking this kid in the ass while his cock is pneumatically emptied is all part of the first class service at the clinic.

Touching base – Resuscitating my love life mouth to mouth.

My plaything – It’s good to have a plastic toy to play with even when you are an adult.

Fun with plastic – Don’t worry! She loves this even more than I do.

Let your fingers do the talking – She takes my breath away with this slight-of-hand.

Back alley shuffle – I’m the one in the middle of this mêlée – lucky me.

Sucking in the shower – For some reason she seems to be enjoying what I’m doing with my lips and tongue.

Impressing the neighbours – I think my next-door neighbour has a crush on me. He shows it in little ways.

Late for my own threesome – I reckon I got there just in the nick of time. I don’t like it when people start without me.

Sex in the woods – I know I over-egg the cake but guys like that sort of thing.

Own my butt – I think you are wanted, honey, right NOW!

Whacky botty – Ah, the best part of school life was being caned on my naked buttocks by a horny male teacher. Sex was inevitable once he heard me moaning!

She who must be obeyed – Ready for an adventure, sweetie? Let’s play some nude hockey.

Vampire girls – Three girls with teeth seek one naked virgin. Hey, we got her!

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