Suki Jensen-Ramirez
Suki Jensen-Ramirez

A slave to sex

Thank God for engineers – When you haven’t a handy man make sure you have a robotic penis with adjustable controls.

Anal training – You never know when this preparation work will be needed!

Drill my asshole – Like now, for instance. Ooh, that pulsates right through me!

Electronic delights – A sustained attack on my genitalia has been mounted. Can’t complain though.

A Martian probe – I may have been abducted by aliens and carried off in their spaceship. Hence the feelings of weightlessness!

Enslaved by a sybian – This is a whole-body orgasm, folks.

Enslaved by a nipple – I think this breast may be slowly eroding.

I belong on my knees in front of you – My favourite place to be.

Incentive to suck – As if I needed one.

Let’s play ball – A bite-sized scrotum is best.

Pillow talk – A face full of flavour first thing.

Showing me what to do – I must try and remember this rhythm for the future.

Spanked into submission – Yes, I need this reminder of which direction I should be going, like the good thoroughbred I am.

Firing off – Get in!

Chastised into chastity? – Somehow, I doubt it!

Yes, Master – I’m your bitch in the bedroom!

Pulling the reins – On the floor works for me too.

Whipped into shape – Great technique, don't you think?

She’s got an itch – Let me scratch it for you, honey.

In the mood for orgasms – Splish-splash. Man the lifeboats!

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