Suki Jensen-Ramirez
Suki Jensen-Ramirez

All action Suki

Three way split – Everyone seems to be cooperating well during this sleep-over.

Come to bed – We both know why we’re here.

Let’s just kiss – For a few hours at least.

A kiss for Suki – I’m working her gradually towards the bedroom.

Face eating exercise – Now we’re getting somewhere!

Some serious sucking – Amazing who you run into while on safari.

Doing it together – Let’s see who comes first.

Getting a mouthful – It’s top quality cum, honey.

I know that face – Great technique, babe. Keep it up!

My pussy needs this – I like my licker and she likes to lick.

Masturbation mastered – I’ll change hands in a minute or ten.

I can’t keep my hands off me – I’m too sexy for this nightie.

I’m coming – Fuck! Ain’t no stopping me now!

Automated punishment – Fingertip control sadism, eh! Don’t you just love technology?

Torture time – Whack my ass, honey! You know how I prefer it up close and personal.

A willing prisoner – I’m in no doubt as to who owns me.

Dishing it out – Meet my former owner, people!

It’s big and black – But I think I’m taming it.

He made me come – When it comes to letting it out I just scream my head off.

She made me come - When it comes to letting it out I just scream my head off whether it’s a man or woman who is responsible. It’s nice to hold hands while in ecstasy.

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