Suki Jensen-Ramirez
Suki Jensen-Ramirez

Black guys love Suki

Blow me – It’s more big black cock for me and a lot of sexual satisfaction for the guys and girls I meet. All I can be is grateful for these mutually beneficial encounters.

Ride hard – Being shafted in the barn is the right way to start a holiday.

Right on target – Perfect pussy penetration has a fantastic effect on me.

Size is everything – I’m happy to share my ill-gotten gains with my best fuck-buddy.

Two on one – Guys can be a nice comfortable object to sit on. They don’t object.

Men have their uses – The perfect place to catch up with the latest gossip.

In the front seat – This moustache is tickling my clit. I hope the tongue can work as efficiently too.

Off balance – We made a lot of use of this barn over the weekend. I’m an equally good tickler myself.

The way to a girl’s heart – Is definitely a huge penis. It gets right to my core and then some.

Suki’s orgasmic squeals – Make some noise! I don’t have to be told twice.

One sexy waitress – I have no problem getting naked if that’s what my customers want.

One winner – My ass crevasse has been compared to Burger King in terms of quick and tasty service.

Suki on the fuck table – I’m fuckable on any surface, even a converted card table.

One in the ass for Suki – I spreadeagle on the floor in a nanosecond too.

Two cops fuck Suki – One has to keep in with the boys in blue if one is to stay on the right side of the law.

Two more black hunks for Suki – My favourite situation – a sexed-up guy at either end of me fucking their way gradually towards the middle.

They have plans for me – Here three young black guys size me up at an orgy party prior to fucking the living daylights out of me.

Suki surrounded – I know just when to give myself up to the onslaught.

Splitting Suki – The best way to deal with a massive dick is to spread your legs wide and hope that you’ll get on with your sister when you become twins!

Getting cock-happy – It’s hard to beat the variety you get at a good orgy.

A short shower – Being accosted in an after-orgy shower is not a new experience for me. It happens all the time!

Fucked by the Big Chief – I’m sure he had his reservations but he fucked me anyway. A pity there was no room for Blondie in the teepee.

A Totem Pole for Suki – I think I deserve to be an honorary Injun after my performance with this Pawnee express rider.

Wigwam slam – I think I’ll come again, if only to get the feel of the feathers in my fanny once more.

Waiting for the Master – A chance for a quick nap before the next fuck. It may only be for a few restful minutes.

Ow! – When I’m gagged I’m bound to get fucked too!

Anyone for tennis? – A change of pace and temperament would be very welcome.

A little cuddle – Ah, tenderness is hard to beat after so much rough treatment.

Intertwined – A gentle coming-together is what is required.

Suki’s wild fuck – We’re back to the rough stuff. I really did miss it there!

Going in search of Suki – I truly believe I can find myself when I’m in the centre of the maelstrom of a wild fucking-session.

Scream some more – I break the sound barrier as this blonde caveman empties his balls over my scorching torso. I wonder where my girlfriend is now!

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