Suki Jensen-Ramirez
Suki Jensen-Ramirez

Blonde Suki in demand

A girl and her dog – That huge tongue licking my pussy and anus got me every time. I was putty in that dog’s paws. You don’t blame me, do you? My dog just loved fucking me.

Swinging with the blonde – Fucking me in the mouth in the open air is highly recommended.

Having a stroke – Just impossible to keep my hands off it!

The Pussy Show – Yeah, Blonde Me’s turn to pee next!

Pilot episode – Hi, I’m Suki, fly me! And if you don’t want to fly me, fuck me!

What’s up, Doc? – Help! She’s gone berserk! Is it because she’s the last doctor in the hospital who hasn’t fucked me yet? Perhaps I should have gotten to her sooner.

Oooh, I never come quietly, officer! – I’m hoping this Mountie is going to mount me pretty soon. He’s bound to ask me to spread my legs any second.

Subtle hint – When my new neighbour invited me round to his place for a drink I didn’t want there to be any misunderstanding when I accepted.

I brought this for the golden showers – I think that’ll kind of defeat the object of it, honey!

I’m the exception – Of all the black guys, I get the one with the tiny dick! What are the chances?

The hat reminds her of her uncle – Oh, shit! That is my uncle, you idiot! Now, I’m for it!

Sorry, we’re lesbians – Fuck off, buddy! We want some real sex!

Selfie time – Do I look out of proportion from this angle?

Wrong house! – No, you chump! I’m not your wife. You said you wanted me like this when you made the booking!

Holiday romance – No such luck! This was standing in front of a poster with my brother.

Fair trade – Seems fair to me!

Suki downtown – Some things have to take priority, I guess.

Hot nipples – My nipples are pining for something. What on Earth could it be?

Remedial action – It’s spreading to my vage. Oh, fuck!

Naked and blonde – Ooh, I think I know what it is now. I’m naked and blonde, but nobody is fucking me. A quantum singularity may be forming!

Suki melts in the sun – My horniness is not helped when I have to pander to the whims of the beautiful people at this resort.

Lesbo interrupto – As a young girl I was constantly searching for pussy.

Two suckers are better than one – I was always willing to share dick with my girlfriends.

Seated nude – I never did have the patience to let paint dry before trying a different colour.

Getting excited – Reading erotic literature always turns me on. I wrote my novel “The Pussy Pendulum” with the express purpose of turning other people on too.

Suki reclining – I think it’s fair to say that some artists capture my essence better than others. Most of them make me look sexy though.

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