Suki Jensen-Ramirez
Suki Jensen-Ramirez

Naked sexy bi-girl Suki

Suki loves a challenge – Sometimes when I look in the mirror I do get carried away. It’s not vanity. I just love “sexy”!

Late night with the girls – No chance of more business at this hour so it’s time to party with each other, yeah!

Lezzing in the lounge – Between fucks at the brothel in Paris there’s always the opportunity for some heavy petting with the other girls.

Tender pussy care – We are more than happy to help each other recover from a rough session.

Pawing my pussy – Just checking that, having been fed, it’s well watered too!

Fingering aloud – One of my wealthy clients likes to listen to my squeals when he fingers me aboard his yacht. It suits me just fine.

Suki on the shore – Unfortunately, when his boat sails I’m not on it. I guess he has one of me in every port.

The beach bitch is back – When I have the beach to myself it always makes me wonder if people are deliberately avoiding me.

Whacking one out on the sand – Are they put off by my embarrassing behaviour?

How to get a cold one – Cooling off a hot pussy has to be one of my priorities. In the water or in the fresh air are options but an ice-cold can in the thong is hard to beat.

The not so subtle hint – What else does a girl need to do to get fucked around here?

Jungle pussy – Jesus, I’ll have to shave my genital jungle or guys will be running for the hills!

Pensioners go free – It’s a one-off special, guys! Who’s up for a senior citizens’ orgy?

Cuntcentration – Funny how some people are more interested in my cunt than in me as a person!

Crowd pleaser – Alright, my cunt is a born show-off but that can’t be the only reason the rest of me plays second fiddle.

Catwalk Queen – I have a personality as well as “fuck-me” hair, tits, legs, ass and pussy! At least I think I used to have one. Maybe it pissed off while I was looking in the mirror.

Ass for sale – OK, forget my personality and just go for my genitalia then!

Out of your league? – Let me be the judge of that, my honeys.

Suki has nothing to wear – Shit, it’s true! I need to go shopping this very minute.

Chauffeur driven – What else?

Pendulum in pursuit – “The Pussy Pendulum” follows me everywhere I go. The price of infamy? It’s got it infamy!

Bye-bye, favourite frock – Yet another illustrator who just wants to see my ass!

The need is upon me – Sorry, I just gotta, people. You can’t keep a good pussy waiting.

I’m not throwing myself at you – Honestly, honey, I tripped and the fact that I’m totally naked is pure coincidence.

Water babe – Don’t let my breasts scare you, honey. They’re just for buoyancy really.

Fountain of youth – Maybe if I stand here long enough this guy will stop telling me about the massive fish he caught and start fucking me.

A private show for Uncle Joe – Yes, I’m into cos-play and I do private shows for voyeurs too. Uncle Joe got his money’s worth for sure.

Getting Grandad on my side – One family member who did want some personal hands-on attention. I made sure he got a “Suki Special.”

Fuck dinner, let’s have an orgy – I suppose I will join in at some point but they seem to be managing alright without me.

Too drunk to fuck – The wine flowed and so did the cum … eventually!

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