Suki Jensen-Ramirez
Suki Jensen-Ramirez

Prime Suki

I love cock – It’s hard to beat the outpourings of a good penis especially if that comes in response to my skilful hand-mouth coordination.

Fuck my face – I believe in going all the way when it comes to good hard cock.

Saving you the effort – A guy should never have to bring himself off when I’m around.

Having a ball – A soft scrotum deserves the TLC that only a hot Suki can give.

I’m useful in the kitchen – Any time, any place I’m at your service.

The Pussy Pendulum makes me do this – Reading my novel has driven this girl to take direct action to ease her horniness.

Sucking at sunset – This is where your sexy Suki belongs.

He came like a Flash – This guy had come twice before Blonde Me even touched him. That’s what I call premature ejaculation!

He’s lousy at darts too – This guy’s aim leaves a lot to be desired. He appears to prefer the scattergun approach.

I don’t know what’s come over me – Yes, I do. It’s delicious!

I don’t deserve dinner anyway – Forget the wining and dining. Just spank me and then fuck me.

I deserve this – Give it to me harder. Come inside me.

You’re the boss – I was in the middle of elevenses when the boss decided that I should be fucked right away.

I’m a bad typist – He does this every time I make the slightest error. It’s great!

I’ll do all the work – I’m in charge now, honey.

Come on top of me – We make a great team on the office floor.

Breast reduction – It’s one way to do chest exercises, I suppose.

Do that one thing – Is this a leading question? Your witness.

Kissy-kissy – I adore kissing my fellow females.

Kiss me quick – Get your tongue down my throat fast, honey.

Probing – We appear to be on the same page here.

Home comforts – Why is it I always get my best ideas for stories when I’m snuggled up in bed with my girlfriend?

Troubled Suki – When lying about naked on my own I struggle for inspiration.

Synthetic bliss – Little me is ever so cosy.

Suki vamps it up – Just heading out for a bite, folks.

High kick – I could never just sit in a chair normally. There’s no style in that.

Sophisticated Suki – I caught these in a net. They were trying to escape earlier.

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