Suki Jensen-Ramirez
Suki Jensen-Ramirez

Sex and the single Suki

Suki, the sexiest bitch in town – I’m stripping and lap-dancing in a night club to earn myself a few dollars more. The guys seem to like it.

A stripper for money – Why else would I do it? It couldn’t possibly be because I’m a needy exhibitionist slut. No way.

Suki is in the house – I always try to please men irrespective of where I find them. As long as they pay, they have their way.

Suki is hard at it – I’m a busy girl which sometimes means I have to multi-task and use every trick in the book.

Suki is in business – Being naked in public with a couple of dicks in me is an everyday experience for me but it still makes me horny.

Anal is extra – You better believe it, honey.

Good tip – I really should charge extra for wide loads or maybe by the foot in the case of some black guys!

Suki gives the perfect blowjob – Of course, I didn’t need all this advice from my client but it pleased him to give it to me anyway.

Blowjob lessons – Yes, the old pro giving her apprentice lessons in how to suck off a guy. She learned fast. I’m proud of her.

A winning combination – Many mouths make cock work like clockwork. Hello, sailor!

Eat my pussy – If a client is feeling peckish, let him have a munch of neat pussy with an ass for dessert.

The ride of your life – The brothel in Paris where I spent some time had a huge variety of clientele with the occasional special treat.

Don’t worry about me – I lived for a while with a rich guy who was sickly and impotent but his servants were all the diversions I needed.

Feeling blue – So this sailor rescued me from a freezing Atlantic Ocean.

Blue anal – He said he would soon warm me up and he did.

The anals of history – One more guy fucking me in the ass. It’s a trend. I must draw a graph!

Kissing in the rain – A cool way to spend a break with a co-worker.

Come shower with us – Fucking two girls together really does appeal to some men. I wonder why!

Filming the action – Others just like watching two girls having sex while filming it for nostalgic reasons later on.

Horny Jungle Girl – Wasn’t the big cinema success I’d hoped for.

Suki on edge – No, it’s too far down to jump. I’m just posing again.

Nailing Suki – Kinky sex-slave time again, people. Will I never escape from it?

Viagra darts – The blow-pipe is on the other foot. This was such fun. Revenge is sweet, as they say!

Cosplay sex – No, I’m not a Nazi nurse, but I do like dressing up for some fun sex.

Nurse Suki – Don’t be worried by the posters on the wall behind me. This is still cosplay. It’s adult baby time.

Let’s torture Suki – Whoops! I’m submissive once more. Another expensive thong goes in the trash can!

Exploring Suki – Wow! A double probe. Will he find an orgasm in my hidden depths?

I’m not your enema – He must be a chemist during the day. If he’s trying to flush me out he’s succeeding.

Texan threesome – This guy knows what he wants and so do we. Houston, we don’t have a problem.

Suki is in demand – A threesome with a father and son. Ah, enabling the generations to come together gives me a glow!

Emergency pussy needed – Don’t smash the glass. Just call me and I’ll be round to your hotel room before your pants hit the floor.

Come and get me – I won’t wait forever, guys!

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