Suki Jensen-Ramirez
Suki Jensen-Ramirez

Suki all at sea

Waiting for a dolphin to fuck me – Well, what else would you recommend I do? If I want to be fucked by a dolphin this is probably as good a way as any. Admittedly the tide has gone out a bit since I first adopted this position but if Flipper is keen enough he’ll come and get me and come!

Sex with dolphins – Of course, I stand more chance under water. Here I am on a first date with Barry. We both love swimming and eating fish – so much in common the computer could not do anything else but match us!

My dolphin lover – He makes that clicking sound and I come running into the waves. He can undress me in seconds, the charmer!

Under water wake-up – Waking up under water after sleeping with Barry gave me a bit of a shock. Fortunately, I’d only nodded off a minute or so beforehand.

Aquasuki – I can stay under the surface for ages (well, two and a half minutes) thanks to hours of practice. Barry is so pleased!

Caught under water – Fuck! How could I not have guessed that he was into bondage and sadism. Barry, you’re a bastard! I might have drowned if I hadn’t watched all those Harry Houdini DVDs.

Swim, Suki, swim – I make good my escape, a dolphin’s girlfriend no longer.

Pendulum Island girls – I console myself with my Gypsy look-alike on Pussy Pendulum Island. She’s much better than Barry at fucking me.

Suki by the sea – As my nostrils fill with brine I start to long for more exotic climes.

Dream mermaid – I will have to abandon my dream of becoming a mermaid once I’ve prised these starfish off my tits.

Call of the Philippines – A trip back to the land of my ancestors would be good provided I don’t have to wear this totally tasteless table-cloth outfit.

Paddle to freedom – A nice little white leather mini-dress helps raise my spirits as I paddle to freedom away from Pussy Pendulum Island.

Sea-going Suki – I hitch a ride on a passing barque while my temporary tattoos begin to bite. I don’t know which is worse.

Hawaiian Suki – Thank goodness the tattoos had faded by the time I hit Honolulu.

Happy Suki – Butter will not melt in my mouth as I tread on US soil!

Three little Sukis – Actually, they’re all me though I think the style on the right suits me best.

Two Mini-Sukis and me – Actually, thanks to some photographic trickery, they’re all me as well, although in condensing my small companions I’ve managed to produce two fat Sukis.

Lesbian orgy – I’m going to spray my cum over this blonde any moment.

Tah-dah, I’m Suki – I make a dramatic entrance from the edge of the tropical rain-forest as one does.

The Swinger Club – My boyfriend wasn’t all that keen on going to the club. I guess deep down he knew I’d be in my element.

Time to swing – Thank goodness we chose “Big Black Cock” night to make our debut visit to the club.

Members only – The black guys were a hit with the girls and I think I made an impression on at least one of them too.

Sights set on Suki – This guy didn’t waste any time in flashing his equipment at me. Outwardly I pretended not to salivate, but I know I salivated inwardly as my thong was soaking.

Suki is live-streamed – I didn’t realise I was being filmed at the time or that my boyfriend witnessed everything. If I’d known there was an audience I’d have put on more of a show!

Adoring Dick – Why would he assume that I don’t use my tongue when kissing my Mom?

Addicted to BBC – Result for my sucking skills! I thank you!

Suki gets a seeing-to – My pussy was having the time of its life!

Suki is well and truly fucked – What can I say? Simultaneous orgasms are as good as it gets!

Whose idea was this? – I had quite forgotten all about my boyfriend who had drifted off somewhere.

The hostess with the mostest – My one regret is not getting together with the blonde hostess. On the plus side I have to admire the fact that my boyfriend doesn’t have me on a leash. He respects my personal freedom. Which is what swinging is all about, right?

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