Suki Jensen-Ramirez
Suki Jensen-Ramirez

Suki goes back to black

Celebrity escort Suki – Yeah! I’m out for the evening with a famous person. I don’t think Owen Wilson really liked me. I never got a penny for my thoughts either.

Hot Suki – All that dashing from one car to another does give you big hips and an inflated view of your bosom, you know.

Suki is your sex slave – So, you’re gonna make me prostrate myself, crawl towards you and beg for sex, are you? OK.

How does he do that? – I still haven’t worked out how this was physically possible and I was there!

Curvy girl – Maybe I’m working out a little too much. What do you think?

Shaping up – Well, that’s your green/blue colour blindness sorted.

A teen fuck for Suki – I’ll say this for my boyfriend’s son – he has some imagination. None of this ever happened.

The elephant in the room – I know what I like doing. By the way the elephant was SEX, not SUKI!

Two gentlemen – I wish all guys were as nice and obliging as this duo.

Just two girls at the orgy – Can you have an orgy with two girls and nine men? I found it kinda demanding taking my fair share of five.

Drilling Suki – Three fucking machines at once! My pussy will need hot-wiring after this.

In my element – Say what you like about restroom sex, it’s certainly invigorating. Obviously, I’ve inspired many a writer in my time!

Suki, the cocklover – After a little break to recover, I’m back in the saddle riding BIG BLACK COCK again. You can never really have too much of it.

Suki, the cockwhisperer – See me and cock – we get along so well together you could almost say we were made for each other!

Some cocks are too big – There has to be an eighteen inch ceiling on size! Sorry, guys.

Suki gets a tip – That’s all I can cope with here but it’s a great tip alright!

Four black cocks for Suki – Most of their cum is in my tummy and my cunt but these guys gave me so much of it there was bound to be an overflow!

This thing is bigger than both of us, honey – I’m getting a real seeing-to from this guy. I wonder who owns the car.

Those cocks keep coming – From all directions, just bring them on, guys.

A silent fucker – No preliminaries with this guy. He just went straight for where he wanted to be.

One more job to do – I know my place where the master of the house is concerned.

Suki, the company angel – Getting people addicted to me is one of my primary aims. I’m pretty sure I know how it’s done.

Suki’s butt is edible – I’m used to being grabbed and devoured. I only start to worry when it’s not happening.

Suki is hungry in the kitchen – Funny how seeing cock makes me salivate for it.

A meaty snack – It was really good that he helped me suck him off by grabbing hold of my hair and pulling my head back and forward. So considerate.

Share me – I’m always at my best when catering for two guys at once.

Fucking Miss Suki – This young man was so good at foreplay that I could not resist him for long.

Opening the cum gates – He licked me into sexual submission and my whole body reverberated with an orgasm.

Merciless teasing – His cock toyed with my pussy until I was totally gagging for it.

In me at last – He was so considerate he wore a condom although it could only cover the first quarter of his scheduled game time.

What a ride! – He can fuck me again in TEN MINUTES if he wants to. You cannot beat the BBC!

Glad you came, honey? – Blonde me is especially fond of the dark-skinned appendage. When my orifices are not up to the challenge my hand can take charge.

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