Suki Jensen-Ramirez
Suki Jensen-Ramirez

Suki has it hard

Multitasking – Hard at work keeping three guys satisfied. What is it they say about there being no rest for the wicked?

Anally retentive – A good job there’s a following wind, eh?

Anal retention – I suppose one way to hold onto good customers is the occasional special offer to reward loyalty. OK, I give in!

Anal lubricant – Wrong bottle! Never do anal after an Indian meal either. There must be a Government Health Warning about it somewhere in the menu’s small print!

Roadside rescue – I say, the AA are fucking good, aren’t they? Not only fix your car but see to your other needs as well! Great that the traffic can drown out the old orgasmic sound effects too.

Road rage – No matter how loud the screams, life just goes on whizzing by.

On the spot relief – Sometimes you just have to go behind a wall and do it, though the wall is optional. This newly built wall doesn’t look very secure, I reckon.

Chalet showdown – And the screaming goes on indoors as well. It is what a pussy is for after all.

Bathroom thrills – I just came in to brush my teeth actually. But, whatever!

Edge of the bed action – No sooner in the hotel room than ... it’s all go!

Extreme contraception – I’m not sure if this will work, but it’s so good of him to make the effort.

Penis therapy – This happens every time I go to the hospital for an eye check-up. It certainly helps me focus.

Unusual threesome – The dummy did all the talking. I suppose with a dick that big he had earned the right to.

Going all the way – I reckon this guy must have had a following wind too.

Hand-mouth coordination – Pull and suck, pull and suck. I think it’s working!

Stimulating interview – This pussy had so much to say for itself that I didn’t bother listening to what its owner was moaning on about.

Pee-time – Any time, any place, anywhere! That’s Martinis for you.

Dominant, moi? – I’m only doing what she wants me to, honestly.

Sorry I spoke – Well, that’s one way to shut me up. There are others!

Suki taken? – Things would be looking bleak, if I didn’t know that I was being extremely well paid for doing this.

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