Suki Jensen-Ramirez
Suki Jensen-Ramirez

Suki hots up

The wrong size – Of course, my pussy has always been outta sight but I do like to be able to see it. I’m happy with the size of my breasts now and funnily enough most men seem to be as well.

Strategically placed – I don’t seem to have very much choice in matters here, do I? So it’s clearly straightforward fuck-me time and deposit your cum on my face and in my hair, if you must.

Sex slave Suki – Yes, the choice element has been removed for me here also. I shan’t complain though.

Obey me, fatso – A little role-reversal does no harm (to me anyway). There’s something about being a girl in uniform, isn’t there?

Cum to me – It just rolls off the tongue, I reckon.

Underwater blowjob – I just can’t do this without an air-tank handy. What fun!

Pole girl – Oooh, I seem to be fond of this pole. It must be my lucky one.

Look at me – So cute! You get to see both sides of me.

Filming Suki – It’s always good to have one in reserve, isn’t it?

No fun for non-blondes – So I’m over-dramatising! It was a Halloween party at the Planetarium. No aliens were involved but fortunately there was some fucking for yours truly.

Suki is banged in the gents – A typical post-gang-bang moment which I take to reflect on the meaning of life, the universe and sex. I think that being fucked may just be my purpose.

Your schedule for this morning – There’s never a dull moment when I go blonde.

Worried Suki – On occasions with my usual hair-colour I do have to wonder where my next fuck is coming from.

Lonesome boatgirl – It’s tough having to paddle your own canoe when you haven’t got a paddle.

Treat – Yeah, I’m improvising! How resourceful is that? Don’t axe me!

Orgasmic encounter – Ah, my Indian companion Bear Claw knows how to send me into ecstasy.

Brave sized cocks – Oh, they’re so big and hard. And all mine!

Centre of attention – These five guys have my number alright.

Kisses for Suki – It’s a start.

Stretching myself – Oh, things have moved on fast, haven’t they?

Cocks aplenty – Have patience, honey!

A coming together – I kneed her.

Courting favour – Play with my nipples if you want to.

Intertwining – Let’s touch bases, babe.

Flexible friends – I think we’ve made a connection.

Strip teas – I can’t concentrate on what I’m doing if you take your clothes off in front of me.

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