Suki Jensen-Ramirez
Suki Jensen-Ramirez

Suki is a sexy American girl

Celebrity first date – My new PA doesn’t read my mind just yet. I’ll have to work on her. Maybe after we’ve fucked a few times she’ll get on my wavelength.

Suki is the in-car entertainment – Big stars always think they’re entitled to fuck mere mortals like me but it ain’t necessarily so. I may only be a little star but I have my own planetary belt with most of it in the greenhouse zone too.

Celebrity big, brother – OK, he’s convinced me of the error of my ways. I’m a sucker for a hunk of beef even before we’ve ordered at the restaurant.

Sexy American girls – So, I’ve gotten my PA into a bikini already. She’s clearly from Kentucky so next step is bound to be fingerlickin’ good!

Suki is fuck-ready – Yeah, I’m in the mood to be screwed! So, what’s keepin’ ya?

An automatic upgrade – An airhostess may just be a glorified waitress but we do have the advantage of being fully paid-up members of the Mile High Club and our power over passengers is legendary.

Dream Dick for Suki – When it’s this obvious beneath a pair of boxers I just have to get on my knees and worship it!

This guy is horny – My memory may be exaggerating a little but only by a very tiny amount. This was one bull I wanted to grab by the horns right away.

Suki is banged in the John – Yes, you can take me anywhere! I’m quite happy to be squashed into a cubicle and fucked hard by the right guy.

Lashings of fun – This was my fellow Caribbean Airlines hostess who was ever ready to enslave me with a few cracks of her Senior Stewardess’s whip.

Sexy Suki seduces a sweet virgin girl – I can be a predatory vamp when I want to. Here another innocent teen victim falls under my spell.

Seeing Red – I still have time to make out with my best honey.

Suki strips – When a customer is big and black somehow payment doesn’t seem to matter much!

Suki gets a block fucking – Well, two cocks are obviously better than one on a busy night.

Hero worship – Pity I have to share this guy with the rest of the volleyball team, but I guess you can’t have your own way all of the time.

Suki in “White Girls’ Heaven” – With my escort’s permission I was gang-banged in a hotel room by three black guys while he watched. Seems fair!

Take me now – Once you get a taste for black cock there is no turning back.

Fucking Suki – I enjoy seeing my facial expressions in the mirror when an outsize cock is ramming into me. It makes me giggle sometimes.

Giving it my best – In the hotel parking lot with more extra large dick between my lips.

Unlucky at cards – I think this was a rigged game but I won’t be reporting these guys to the casino owner. I’m sure you can guess why.

Lucky in love – The guys set about me with gusto.

Suki takes losing well – Being surrounded by erections always raises my spirits.

Get used to white pussy early – I figure if these young African-Americans get a taste for sweet white pussy during their formative period girls like me will benefit from the repercussions for years to come.

Lifted like a toy – Don’t you just love it when a guy picks you up as if you were a squeaky toy and does whatever he wants to you. It makes me glad I’m a submissive!

Suki gets her sausage – The complete breakfast, all-in-one, and what’s even better is you can have it throughout the day!

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