Suki Jensen-Ramirez
Suki Jensen-Ramirez

Suki is so fuckable

Anyone up for a fuck – At a guess I’d say I was hot enough to be consumed right this instant.

I am in your power – Truly I am. No hypnosis needed.

Love the tits – If you’re gonna lay it out on a slab for me I’m not going to say “no,” am I?

Sucking dick – Just say when you want it faster.

Good boy – Who says that horses have no memory? He can remember fucking me last night alright.

Shower gel – I just have to wash off the smell of the stables and I’ll be right with you.

Waitress Suki – I’m at your service, kind sir!

Holiday romance – If even an iguana is egging you on, you just have to go for it, I guess.

Fucking Suki – Fuck! I really needed this cock at just this precise moment.

Dancing Suki – I love to entertain the masses with a few slick moves.

Entertaining the plebs – They seem to be enjoying my “ass-wiggle-and-hair-toss” technique.

Magic kiss – That carpet has put an Arab spring in his step and made a clean sweep of my heart.

Suki rides again – How lucky is that? To land just where I wanted!

Sweet seduction – On the trail of my sweetheart it looks like I’ve caught up.

A kiss for Suki – I’m just encouraging the boss with a little taste of Suki-nookie.

Aladdin’s dick – When he can’t be assed to come to the dungeon and fuck me himself Aladdin sends a dick in his lamp to do the job for him. Genius!

Let’s fuck the stripper – Why argue? I know I’m fair game. Just get on with it, guys.

What does this mean, punk? – Have you any idea about Native American sign language, big guy?

I don’t give a fuck – For me you don’t exist.

Now we fuck – That’s what you think, buster, but it ain’t happening, OK?

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