Suki Jensen-Ramirez
Suki Jensen-Ramirez

Suki – it’s in her blood

Suki is hot – Showgirl Me is on a roll. The audience response fuels my adrenalin and spurs me on to even more effervescence. I’ll reach my fuckability plateau any moment now.

Girls just wanna be naked – Yes, it’s true! Some of my girlfriends are even hornier than me. That is so hard to believe, I know.

A dildo for Suki – Ah, an older woman sticking dildos into me with all her might while I do bedroom acrobatics. That’s more like normality again.

Obey your Mistress – I don’t even have to be told to do that.

Blood’s thicker than water – This blonde girl looks slightly worried but she needn’t be concerned. I could never hurt such a cute babe.

I’m only here for the virgin – A tiny little nibble and it’s all done. A couple of transfusions and she’ll be as right as rain again.

We always play with our food – It’s traditional for us vamps to fuck first and dine later. We’re really going to enjoy you, honey.

We have each other – When the cupboard is bare we have our fall-back position all worked out.

Slave girls abused – These guys seem to have the upper hand at present but there are ten of us and only two of them. It’s just a matter of time.

Fairy Liquid overdose – It says that one little squirt can last for hours. Well, I don’t believe that for an instant. These gorilla tactics shouldn’t be allowed really.

Good things come in threes! – While my two friends are baulking, I’m in my element here.

The things you do at gunpoint! – Actually, it’s a case of any excuse with us.

Fill her up – One good turn deserves another, I say. What’s the point of having a special talent if you don’t use it?

Time for a heart attack – Don’t worry! I got him to change his will right after I started work there. It’s all good!

Where is my Knight in shining armour? – A moonlight dip in the nude should attract the locals, I would expect.

What a big chopper, honey! – Drop the hatchet and we’ll find a good use for that chopper right here.

Come to the Caribbean – Sun, sea, sand, Suki and sex! What more could you want?

Underwater assassin Suki – I promise not to sneak up on you. Word of honour!

Watch me undress – You, on the other hand, can sneak up on me as much as you wish.

Paint me – I’ll make it as easel as I can.

Catch me – Handcuff me to the bed if you like, but I won’t run away.

Enjoy me – I’m all yours to enjoy.

Suits me – Naked or clothed, the choice is yours.

Nude in the frame – I’ll be naked for you whenever you say.

Looks like rain – Staying indoors is fine too.

Even tan – I’ve already got my all-over even tan.

Hot enough for you? – Who needs clothes when it’s this hot?

I like the company – For me, sleeping alone is not an option.

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