Suki Jensen-Ramirez
Suki Jensen-Ramirez

Suki loves variety

Love me – Everything should be about love really, shouldn’t it? It’s the most important thing in the Universe or am I thinking of sex?

True love – Sometimes it’s nice to clamber on board when you’re kissing someone. It makes them feel wanted.

Suki puts her hair up – The main reason for putting your hair up is so that you can be filmed and photographed licking pussy for the porn market.

Bar room pick-up – These two guys seem pretty anonymous. I can’t help thinking about one of them at either end of me. It’s getting me wet.

Cocktail waitresses – Bar work can be hard sometimes, especially behind the counter serving tons of guys at once.

A naked bedroom romp for sexy Suki – Yes, there can be a lot of “on-call” time to fill and practising porn scenes is one way to stave off the boredom.

Suki loves variety – A montage of me fucking and being fucked. How clever!

Stroke your clitty – Mmmhhh! Nice touch!

That’s for missing Bible class – Same old, same old. Any excuse to get a girl naked and hear her scream. Did she have to do it in front of the rest of the class though?

Coping reflex – As a schoolgirl you do have to put up with a lot, don’t you? And this was just my kid brother!

“I suppose I do miss my Uncle Jim” – My psychotherapist believes that acting out past experiences can help a person come to terms with them. Either that or he’s just a sadistic voyeur. Take your pick!

Knowing my place – On my knees ready to obey my Mistress. I keep having these dreams about Sukitep in Ancient Egypt. I just hope this one ends in an all-girl threesome.

Do as you’re told, bitch – I’m picking up a vibe that my boss isn’t happy with me. He shows it in subtle little ways!

Woodland scene – When he suggested that we hang out I didn’t realise that only one of us would be hanging.

Well-thumbed – I just wish that my novel was as well-thumbed as my clitoris!

Stretching exercises – A pussy lips expansion programme can take many forms.

Shitting giant marbles – What a good game to play indoors with your girlfriends when it’s raining!

The morning after – It’s always difficult parting after a solid night of red-hot intimacy but work has to be balanced with life, doesn’t it?

I like this one – Well, buy me then, you stupid old twat. I’m not parading around here just for the tan.

Long hair and naked ass for a quick sale – Yes, a little posing and wiggling one’s behind can produce results. How you stand out from the crowd is important.

Coming together – Synchronised orgasms are so impressive, aren’t they?

Harem games – Oooh! Us harem girls are so mischievous, aren’t we? Especially with a newbie!

Taking advantage – I don’t know! Just because one is tied to a pole some guys think they can do whatever they want! Tit-squeezing is the least of my worries!

A Magnum for blonde me – I always was the over-enthusiastic type! Sorry, honey!

Blonde Suki gives an interview – Even as a skinny teenager I went in search of fame.

Suki worships cock – See cock, want cock, that’s me. Sometimes my toes are even friendlier than the rest of me.

Suki sucks – A little pre-lubrication and it’ll slip down a treat. Suck ‘em if you’ve got ‘em!

Three steps to heaven – 1. Meeting me – It’s not difficult to get started on the road to everlasting bliss, is it?

Three steps to heaven – 2. Kissing me – Yeah, soften me up and get me wet, honey!

Three steps to heaven – 3. Fucking me – God, you’re so big inside my pussy. So much friction on my clit. I’m in heaven, yeah!

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