Suki Jensen-Ramirez
Suki Jensen-Ramirez

Suki maxes out on sex

Fuck me at the front door – I have a tendency to lie naked and oiled-up on the floor near the front door around about the time my boyfriend gets home from work on the off-chance that he’ll fuck me. He usually does!

Begging for it – Sometimes he likes to make me beg, of course naked on all fours. He’s such a tease!

Cock addiction – I could never get enough of such a big, strong, hard dick!

It’s all mine – Even a small cock is welcome in order to satisfy my lustful cravings.

A little ride – Impaled on cock and my tits squeezed mercilessly, I can twist and rotate my hips happily while the orgasmic electricity surges through my entire body.

Playing pool – There’s something about being on vacation that releases the inhibitions.

A nice little threesome – It almost feels as if I’m intruding but this couple are always keen to involve me when they fuck.

Fucked with a strap-on dildo – That’s it, honey. Fuck your Suki hard.

Harem fun – “The Harem” brothel, where I worked in Paris, was a great place for dressing up and having fun when the girls outnumbered the clients.

Shower with blonde – A quick trip to the bathroom now and again was a necessity for a rampant bi-girl like me.

Taste my cum – Just a little foretaste to whet her appetite for the licking to come.

Tasty pussy – Yummy! This is going to be my main meal of the day.

Tongued into submission – We should really swap tongues more often!

Love in the afternoon – I love it when someone is this enthusiastic about me.

Ride me to the moon – Fuck, she’s so hot as she presses down on me hard!

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