Suki Jensen-Ramirez
Suki Jensen-Ramirez

Suki – Mistress or slave?

Sexy Suki says – Just a little book promotion to start with, darling! There, there, all done!

Fun with Suki – If I pull this lever your IT device will explode, honey. Just be thankful I’ve got a steady hand on the tiller.

I like milk with my coffee – And I know just where to get me some. No, you can’t share my umbrella, honey. It would spoil my view.

Get the point – I don’t care how good a singer you are, sweetie. I call the shots around here.

Do you want this? – Say yes, please!

Let’s fuck – Is it possible to be more sexy?

Cum tasting – Sharing one’s benefits with friends can be this hot.

Mmmhhh! – There’s just something about a mouthful of cum, isn’t there?

Man pup – Yea, grovel, pet! I’m in charge today.

Always remember your safe word – That way you only need to suffer as much as you want to. I care about the people I’m whacking. I really do.

Controlling the slave – There are just some guys who like to be dominated by women. That’s what we’re here for!

Spank you – Ooohhh! The smack of a bare hand across a pussy! I really wish the positions were reversed here.

Slave restraints – When your submissive is trussed up tightly in his polished rubber, corsetry and leather restraints a Mistress can do exactly as she wishes.

Spittoon – You’re holding the bucket too high, knucklehead. I’ll just have to spit in your mouth.

Stocking up – High-tech slave machines are all the rage but a girl still needs her stockings put on by hand.

The Apprentice Mistress – I’m always willing to learn new things from more experienced Dominatrixes. Their wisdom is invaluable to an Apprentice Mistress.

Stand up for Suki – You hadn’t forgotten how I feel about cocks, had you? It’s a craving I simply must satisfy whether Mistress or slave.

Suck on this – Even when I was a teenager starting out I realised the pleasure to be had when my nipples are sucked.

Milk maids – Farming on an industrial scale is vital to the consumer society.

It rolls off the tongue – But we should never lose sight of the personal touch purely in the interests of the mass production market.

Finger-fucking myself – There is no reason why my pleasure should stop just because some guy has fired his load into my pussy and is lying exhausted at my feet.

Giving me pleasure – I want this to last forever and it probably will!

Rubber girls – Encased in tight polished rubber, gagged and bound with leather belts – I just love being submissive so much more than being a dominant, even if it is only for a photoshoot.

Suki on the receiving end – Yes, give it to me! Whip me into submission. Castigate my cunt.

Tantalising torturer – This guy is teasing me. I’m so excited. If he doesn’t get to me soon I may have to piss myself where I’m standing.

Public humiliation – Being beaten, totally naked, in a room full of trainee Mistresses, filmed live from multiple angles and projected onto big screens while orgasmically moaning and squealing my head off – well, it doesn’t get any better than that, does it?

Whackeroo – Takes me right back to elementary school. Ah, the good old days!

Pussy whipped – Hey, buddy, what have you got against vulvas, eh? I’m not responsible for those Swedish cars having their lights on all the time.

No escape – Fuck me! This was consensual? Honestly, it was! Call me a risk-taker.

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