Suki Jensen-Ramirez
Suki Jensen-Ramirez

Suki on the receiving end

Fucking Tony for breakfast – This carpet is certainly magic. A tame tiger fucking me first thing in the morning – what more could a girl ask for? All that fur! We’ll have to make it a cereal!

Fucked up by my boss – No, this isn’t my normal office-wear (though not far off it)! I was heading for a night out on the town when I got the call.

Fucked by my boss – If someone employs you I guess that gives them the right to fuck you.

Up against the wall – Of course, this isn’t the first time he’s done it with me. I’ve lost count of the times.

The fucking goes on – Don’t get me wrong. He’s good at it. He’s had plenty of practice.

Bang me until I come – Or at least until he comes, whichever is the sooner.

Spurting into Suki – I’m always at my best with a man on top of me!

Thanks all round – It’s not easy to look classy with guy-cum trickling down your thighs but I think I managed it.

Analysing Suki – What makes me tick? For starters check out my erogenous zones (circled). See the Pie chart for the results just in on how the majority of users rated me in the sack. Yellow is “excellent” by the way.

Suki, the domestic Goddess – You probably didn’t think I was one but I am. I can multi-task with the best of them, including washing clothes and looking after pets. Gardening comes into it too and all on a budget. You couldn’t beat me. Well, you could if you wanted to, of course.

Cheerleader Suki – Two, four, six, eight … what do I appreciate? Being fucked, yeah!

Hover-Suki – Yes, I can free-float naked in front of you while you relax in the armchair. Is there no end to this girl’s talents?

Suki and the huntsman – Out of the lake, a quick shake and I’m on the make. There’s no stopping me.

Making a move – See pussy, want pussy, take pussy!

Keeping cool – Time to relax between a rock and a hard place (another rock). Oh, my! There’s no exit. Come and get me.

Shhh! – Quiet! The masked avenger Zorro has just arrived. I wonder what he wants. What do you mean – he’s behind you?

Lick me – Ooohh! Which is the bigger trunk?

Sex lessons with Miss Suki – I think I was born to teach adolescent youths about sex – the practical way!

Let’s fuck the white girl – The only reason I teach this course is for the perks.

Pussy is the best medicine – Forget laughter or drugs. A nice warm pussy is what you need.

Personnel management sucks – I wish I could command more respect from my Dad’s employees. I only ask for the simple things in life.

Chatting up Suki – From Facebook to fuckbuddy in one smart move.

When do we fuck? – There was no messing about with me when I was a teenager.

Spare my blushes – Funny how none of the Mister Totally Perfects ever made it to Hawaii. Of course, I didn’t live there anyway so nobody missed out.

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