Suki Jensen-Ramirez
Suki Jensen-Ramirez

Suki’s Arabian nights – Part One

My minikini – I know I should really wear clothes that fit me better instead of always being tight and skimpy but I have set the standards and now I have to live down to them.

Worshipping the sun – Somehow lying in the sun relaxes me and removes my inhibitions. I’m a natural born nude, in fact.

Here, girl – These tempting tits were made to be chewed by soft wet lips. Come and get ‘em.

I wanna lose my tan lines – An all-over bronzing would suit me much better, I think.

Dream sequence – You can make up your own mind whether what follows is real or not. I’m saying nothing, because I’m much too sweet and innocent!

Let’s fuck the mermaid – My little red-headed mermaid friend has got the OK from Daddy Neptune and our sex on the beach cocktail has released her inner girl, not to mention giving her lovely legs and a fabulous pussy.

Cheeky Suki – Of course, I had to invite her back to my place for more intimate activity. How could anyone refuse such a challenge?

Tasty – She has my taste buds champing at the bit. I love fish suppers.

My girl – I reckon we get along just fine.

Lick hard – Pouring vinegar over my clit was one of my better ideas.

Harem tease Suki – That’s the thing about being in the harem of some rich Sheik – you get to wear the sexiest outfits.

Tah-dah – The great unveiling, girlies. Let’s have some non-stop fun, just us.

Hot nipples – There is so much pussy to hand. It’s paradise.

Come and get me – I can tantalise all day. You know me.

Come in and find out – Soft pink flesh, all for you.

Why is nobody fucking me? – I take a fifteen minute break from all the sex and start to wonder if I’m losing my appeal.

Nice pussy – I didn’t know tigers like vinegar too.

A perplexed pussy – We’re both wondering why more harem women aren’t taking the hint.

You’ve found it – Ah, they wanted me in chains first. I get the picture. They were just too chicken for free range me.

Yummy – Now I have all these chicken breasts to feast on.

Suki at your service – I’ve had my hair done and put on my best outfit specially.

You mean these tits – I suppose I’d better get naked again before I put anyone off.

Suki completely nude – I’m all yours, honeybabes!

Preparing Suki – Whoops! It’s my turn to be fucked by the Sheik. I guess I’d better cooperate with my handmaidens.

Prime pussy – He’s choosing between three of us tonight. Please let it be me!

Over to you, Your Sheikness – We’re all dripping wet in anticipation.

Hot Suke – I guess I’ll have to wait for another opportunity to exercise my hotness.

Chew on this – I could be sucking the Sheik’s dick instead of this exact textile replica of it.

A night out – I may just skip into the Kasbah for a quickie with the local talent, I guess.

Does my disguise fool you? – Sshh! I’m incognito for one night only.

Fucked by a frog – So it wasn’t a completely wasted trip. At least one of the Egyptian plagues got to me.

Rolling my eyes – The boredom is getting to me too. Any sex is better than none, I reckon.

Finger lickin’ good – My good old right hand comes to the rescue!

A shy bye-bye – But don’t go away. There’ll be a lot more fucking me in Part Two once you’ve made yourself a nice cup of tea.

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