Suki Jensen-Ramirez
Suki Jensen-Ramirez

Suki’s Arabian nights – Part Two

Suki flying high – The Sheik thinks he has me in his power but actually I’m an independent operator and I can do magic with my pussy. Just watch me.

My future is planned out – When you’re a hooker in Saudi Arabia you have to do all sorts of shit for your clients, as you can see.

Sex isn’t rocket science – Unless, of course, you’re an Arab with a sheltered upbringing. It doesn’t matter how much oil you put in there, buddy, I’m still not going to jet off.

I got this – Trust me. I know what I’m doing when it comes to giving men pleasure.

Fuck me, yeah! – Now, we’re getting somewhere. This guy knows what his cock is for.

Everybody loves the sex slave – He’s big and strong but he still wants me totally helpless before he’ll risk having sex with me. What a pussy!

Show me your cunt – This guy wanted to make sure that I had a pussy in full working order before he’d even come near me.

Arab fuck – At last, I get my quota of dick.

Choking the turkey – I wish he’d get his cock out instead of strangling that bird.

Feed me, Master – Arabs have contempt for their women as this scene illustrates.

A whack for Suki – It’s a power thing, isn’t it? He’s still more afraid of me than I am of him.

Harder, honey – A girl can’t even get a decent spanking from these Arab clowns.

Thank you, Master – I’d better encourage him, I suppose, or he’ll never get it up for me.

Kissing my way out of trouble – Oh, yes, you’re so macho, honeykins-bunnykins!

Want some wet pussy? – Here’s another twat for me to seduce. There is a never-ending supply of wankers here.

Like what you see? – It’ll be a miracle if you can handle a real woman as opposed to the tethered goats you’re used to.

Yes, please – Finally, a guy who knows what to do in the bedroom.

Hi, baby – I’m on show again, hoping to tempt another client.

Suki kneeling – Better get on my knees and beg, I reckon. It’s the only way I’m gonna get any of these Arab pansies to fuck me.

A dry hump – At least the camels are cooperative. They appreciate a girl’s needs.

Cum for me – Go for it, big boy. You’re a life saver.

Suki will put a smile on your face – Amazing what my magic touch can do!

A tit-fuck for Suki – I think we’re getting somewhere. I’m about to get a facial!

Giving satisfaction – I’m here for as long as it takes, honey.

Fuck my ass – Yes, yes, yes! I’m really digging this rhythm he’s got going. Now would not be a good time for me to pee! A mood killer or what?

Picking up Suki – I was just standing beside a big pot minding my own business when suddenly I’m this guy’s bouncy toy!

You must be the best man – He’s got a hard-on but the dildo in my pussy has made me come three times already and we’re not even dating yet!

Desert slave girl – No one can accuse me of not being enthusiastic about my new role. I just can’t wait to be fucked in a Mosque facing Mecca!

A real eye-opener – I imagine I’ll go for a good price after this little show, although there may be a good few in the audience bidding for the big guy behind me!

Another analist – I guess I should’ve known a guy in a hat like that would prefer to fuck me in my anus.

Kinky outfit – My God! He’s found my pussy. What a treat!

Yum-cum – I’m lapping up the only protein I’ll probably get today. Delicious!

Filled to overflowing – Ahhh! I can go to sleep on a full pussy at least.

All for me – Great! A last minute gang-bang has saved me from starving. Thank heavens for the Palace guard!

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