Suki Jensen-Ramirez
Suki Jensen-Ramirez

Suki’s jungle adventure

Oooh, a man! – So you’re naked in the Amazon rainforest and you hear a footstep crunch a twig. What do you do? Run away? Fuck, no! You strike a pose and hope to be ravished. If you’re me, that is!

Indian somewhere – Ahh! A native has found my weak spot. I wondered how he got that broken nose.

Caught in the act – Wow! This fucking jungle is getting crowded. I blame Amazon.

Cock-loving Suki – I will show these potential customers what a Suki can do!

Fancy these? – Perhaps they are tit-men. You never know!

See anything you want? – Adopt the stance and look amenable. No need for a language barrier here.

A great Dane – I’m pretty sure this guy got the message.

Found the spot – He soon had me screaming for more anyway.

Fucking high – He took me to new heights. Still enough oxygen for me to generate my screams though.

Funky chicken -  I just had to show off my skills to the tribal chief Big Cock.

Serving the chicken – I think that’s why they made him the chief, because he had a big cock. I don’t know of any other possible reason.

Jungle adventure – Come with me in search of Eldorado, guys.

Screaming for mercy – The new chief puts my lungs to the test here. I think I can still shatter a few glasses with my orgasmic squeals.

Waiting patiently – These foreign gentlemen are good tippers. I hope I won’t have to wait for long for the next one to fuck me.

Hi, guys – Must show off my wares. They’re here for ass, I think.

Squat fuck – I’ll do all the work if you want, honey.

Have we met? – I don’t think we’ve been introduced, but I’m Suki.

Pleasing the Conquistadors – Spanish men seem to know what they want.

Giggle jiggle – I can bounce with the best of them, Senor!

It’s a big one – When you run out of conversation just compliment a guy on his dick.

Room for one more – A busy night means double-teaming me, guys.

Eldorado celebration – Yummy, this cock tastes of rum. I wonder where to get coke.

Wedged in the middle – Might as well get comfortable, I suppose.

Anal for Xmas – These Spaniards must think it’s Christmas all of a sudden.

What is this thing called, love? – I might as well try learning some of the language while they’re here.

What a dick! – He doesn’t know a word of English, the little shit.

What is it about my ass? – Can he really not find my pussy back there?

Oooh, a woman! – Well, a little variety would be welcome right about now.

Fucking myself again – A Who’s Who lesbian moment!

Girl friendly – Let’s get your pussy throbbing, honey.

Déjà vu – I guess this is a moment worth reliving again and again!

I love gold – And it loves me too, apparently. The volcano is going to erupt any second.

Rear of the year – What a dream, people! No more rum and coke for me last thing at night!

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