Suki Jensen-Ramirez
Suki Jensen-Ramirez

Suki’s sensuality overload

I’m gonna get my way – easy or hard – Either way you’re going to do what I say. These tits require attention, people. Do I have to reinforce my argument?

Cockshare – I only want a fair portion, honey. I won’t monopolise you.

A mouthful for Suki – Every girl needs sexual fuel to keep her going (and coming). I’m no exception.

That’s Suki value – Satisfaction is guaranteed Chez Suki.

An unexpected threesome – I thought I was getting this hunk all to myself until my Mistress stepped in.

No baby-sitting for Suki – Strange how some people freeze when confronted with hotness!

A kiss for Suki – Kissing practice as a teen became a regular part of my routine.

The Suki grab – Yes, when in doubt grab me from behind by the tits. It never fails!

Stick in the mud – Getting down and dirty. I think she’s been planning this for some time.

Goodnight Suki – I’m a light sleeper and, due to the violent nature of my dreams, I’m usually ready to throttle anyone waking me prematurely.

Sweet dreams, Suki – Whoops! I’ve dropped off again and am being tortured as usual.

Big cunt – before – Another of my recurring dreams is to be sitting comfortably enveloped by a giant pussy …

Big cunt – after - … and the next minute I’m covered in cum. Honestly, I never moved a muscle!

Holding on tight – If you’re going to pick me up, you have to kiss me. It’s an unwritten rule.

Cowgirl Suki – It looks like I’m ready for some goal-mouth action!

A long slow kiss – You can tell I’m enjoying it, can’t you?

Resistance is futile – There is no escape, honey. I’ve got you now.

Kiss this girl – It’s backs to the wall again. If only we weren’t on a ledge, thirteen floors up.

Kissing my gypsy – I’m going to keep doing this until bedtime.

All tongues together – One mouth, two tongues – seems fair.

Neck chewing made easy – These bagpipe-playing lessons are going really well, don’t you think?

Fingers on the pulse – Please keep your hand where it is, honey. Right there!

Imparting ecstasy – “Oh, Suki” is something I hear quite often from my girlfriend!

Fuck that girl – Come on, baby, you know you want to be fucked like this.

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