Suki Jensen-Ramirez
Suki Jensen-Ramirez

Suki says – come and get it

Where are all the nice guys? – Not fucking me, I guess! I seem to attract a lot of weirdos. I suppose I should have suspected this guy when he said his name was Bealsy.

Whopping Suki – My friend Blondie is using specialist implements now to batter me with. The fucking iguana chained me up and the Ramsbottoms from next door get to watch.

Suki for sale – slightly used – If you mean by “slightly used” constantly fucked for a fortnight, then this does comply with the Advertising Standards Authority recommendations but I think the wild look in the seller’s eyes gives him away.

Are we making it too obvious? – On the streets to earn a crust, my friend and I may not be complying with the local dress code.

Cock shower – At least they didn’t piss over me.

Depraved enough for you? – Say, I’ve hit rock bottom fanning myself in a jazz club. I think I may shoot the person who ironed my dress for me.

Going cheap – Sold for two camels at the Arab market. Nice hair though. I guess I’m worth it.

I need to pee, Suki – Now he tells me when I’m in mid-blowjob! He knows he should always go before he comes!

Topless Suki – Pissed and waiting on tables. You just can’t take me anywhere! Fuck! Maybe you can and that’s my problem!

Dishevelled – I blame a strong wind. You can blame my lifestyle if you want to.

Soaking Suki’s pussy – Yes, he could!

This pussy is for you – Just making sure you know where to find it.

Too perfect – I cast a lovely shadow, don’t I?

Suki gets a big head – Not the best picture of me ever drawn but since it was done in about three minutes I’ll forgive the guy.

Here be dragons – I’m surrounded by a bunch of butch iguanas who appear to have it in for me. You know me - I won’t come quietly!

Let’s swing on a vine – Will you be my Tarzan, honey?

Suki is fucked in the jungle – Yes, you do get tired of iguanas after a decent interval.

I’ll protect you, honey – Fuck, the iguanas are getting restless but I have responsibilities now. She comes first, alright!

Suki on top – Shit, I’m making love to another of my look-alikes. Is there no end to Vanity?

A night of unfettered sex – I really needed this, yeah!

Aerial view – A full English for me and the same for my blonde friend.

Get in – I know when a tongue has my name on it.

Exploratory probe – I expect that in a few minutes her whole hand will be in there.

I’m so into you – This blonde seems to like visitors.

There’s the rub – Assiduous care is what I’d call that.

Dancing clit to clit – Fucking friction, babe.

Combined efforts – Working together for the best results.

Come and get it – It might be the dog. You can’t be sure!

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