Suki Jensen-Ramirez
Suki Jensen-Ramirez

Suki says: “I love me.”

I fancy me – I’m so vain I probably think this website’s about me. I think I shall spend the rest of today here in front of the mirror, people. I’ll catch up with you later.

Me time – Oh, how I wish I could kiss all of me!

Just peeing myself – So refreshing! And all my own work too.

It’s a yoga exercise, OK? – So, I’m dry-humping the duvet. Why not?

Feeling so horny – The need for orgasmic relief can occur just anytime. I only have to look at a flight of stairs and I’m off.

Even the hall table turns me on – My reflection in the glass table-top is enough to start me.

A quiet interlude – Fingering pussy is not a job, it’s a career!

Groping for a means of escape – I love doing unpaid overtime.

Groping well – Touching all my bases.

Bathtub ecstasy – I’m sure being naked has something to do with it!

Elegant touch – Keep that pinkie raised.

Caressed into Nirvana – This is me for the rest of the morning.

I’ll do my best to come – I’m ambidextrous. Two hands are better than one.

Almost there – Things are hotting up.

I came as quick as I could – Yesss!!! I’m worth it!

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