Suki Jensen-Ramirez
Suki Jensen-Ramirez

The many facets of Suki

Water babe – Oooh, those pet piranhas have been at my tee-shirt again. Luckily they prefer silk to Suki.

Anything for a man – No sooner out of the pool than I have a dick in my mouth! Is there no rest for a jet-set girl?

Anal angst – Every time a guy fucks me in the asshole I get anxious. There is a perfectly good pussy redundant just below where you are, buddy.

It’s complicated – I get paid for a whole variety of reasons. As many as men have wishes.

Terrible tease – This is cruel, I know, but it’s such fun. A little sensuality can go a long way.

Surfer babe – I love being naked and wet so carrying a surfboard around just comes with the territory, I guess.

Go for it, Suki – There are times, and this is one of them, when you just have to bury your face in a girl’s ass.

Is this a pussy? – Why, I believe it is. Shall I stroke it, honey?

Electric clits – I think we’ve hit it off, judging by the sparks flying.

Delving deep – Time I did a little anal exploration myself, I think.

Suki loves an older woman – When I was just eighteen I fell for the married woman living next door. I was a skinny girl besotted with her beautiful rounded figure.

Teen hormones on fire – I think I would have actually died if she hadn’t let me eat out her anus and pussy.

Suki, the delinquent teen – I was as depraved at that age as I am today. I really worshipped that woman though.

Suki is the extra hot spice – Eventually she took me on a trial basis and fortunately loved what I did so much that we were an item for almost a year.

See-thru Suki – It was only when men began to show an interest in my own curves that we broke up.

Sex slave central – I’ve remained in the girl zone ever since, however, being a slave to women just as much as I am for men.

Private dancer – Could the message here be any clearer?

Spider Suki – There is, of course, another side to me – the strong-willed bandit Mistress who takes what she wants ruthlessly and acts mercilessly when she has to.

Taking down my particulars – 1. Lewd, 2. Wanton, 3. Great pussy. Anything else?

A point to make – Actually my point is – “Fuck me!”

Suki and the black millionaire – What a shame this didn’t last. Money and cock combined in the one guy. How often do you find that?

A born winner – My role here is to help this guy spend his winnings, make his buddies jealous and shelter his eyes from that harsh light with my tits.

Suki branches out – Ah, I love a good commune, me! This tree is three hundred years old. That’s way more than my last boyfriend, but it knows how to fuck me, which is way more than my last boyfriend.

My Master’s penis – From an early age I realised the worth of a quality cock.

Suki strikes gold – No matter where you are – in the tropical rainforest or half way up a mountain – there’s always the chance to service the male of the species!

Bored Suki – So a redundant pussy must not be allowed to stay that way for long. Come on, guys!

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