Suki Jensen-Ramirez
Suki Jensen-Ramirez

X-factor Suki

Girls wanna have fun – Isn’t it funny how people with similar looks gravitate towards one another? I’m the one standing fingering myself but any of these girls could well be me. We sure know how to pass the time.

Stripper Suki – Stretches, wiggles and tossing my hair. It all seems to excite these guys. The girl must have talent!

After show party –There’s always at least one lothario hanging around the stage door.

Some quick thinking – So the idea was that we’d convince my boyfriend that my female lover had just been helping me to prepare myself for him coming home. Hence me being totally naked with two vibrators whirring inside me and my girl kissing me on the lips and on my breasts. He knows I get turned on by kissing. The guy was thrilled we’d made such an effort for his benefit. Ahem!

What am I wearing? – Why do guys who ring me up always ask me that? I always answer that I’m wearing sexy lingerie or I’m totally naked, depending on the guy’s preferences.

Figure hugging – Yes, honey, I’m totally naked, just out of the shower and dripping everywhere. It’ll be ages before I’m ready to go out. Take your time getting here.

Showgirl Suki – Stripping is such fun. I could do it all the time if you give me an audience.

Following me home – The guys who try to follow me home make it so obvious. They’ll never make private dicks so they might as well be public ones.

He’s the boss – I enjoy sitting in a man’s lap. I can feel his cock trying desperately to escape from his trousers underneath me.

Sailor’s delight – Some guys will fire off if I just wave at them. That’s what I call sexual power.

Delicate pussy – A meal should be digested slowly and enjoyed at a leisurely pace. My pussy is the ideal meal-for-one and you don’t even have to microwave it for it to be piping hot.

Typical construction workers – Big black cocks have the knack of tiring me out, I guess. My boyfriend says he is pretty tired of them as well.

Suki gives a massage – I can die happily having buried my face in this girl’s cleavage and caressed her breasts for an hour.

Sex in the air – The pheromones from her pussy were piercing my nostrils before her panties even hit the floor.

She’s a clit girl – With a clitoris bigger than her nose, I knew I was going to have more than my hands full when I had finished oiling up her taut body.

Passionate girls – I think the room may have been on fire but I couldn’t tear my tongue away from her mouth or my fingers from her cunt.

Being close at hand – Sometimes it’s enough just to be naked with someone you care about.

That’s the look – With a long-term lover you get to know the little things that make them happy.

Sweet 69 – Simultaneous pussy munching is my idea of an afternoon well spent.

Up close and personal – My mouth will never be far from hers when we look into one another’s eyes.

Caring for my baby – A warm cuddle means everything. No words are necessary.

Fucking my girl – There is nothing more pleasurable than hearing her orgasmic cries.

Fucking on the beach – Salt water heaven!

Cool strap-on fuck – My honey’s posterior preserved for posterity!

Love triangle – We can share most things including cock.

Ride on – Where is she now, I wonder?

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