Suki Jensen-Ramirez
Suki Jensen-Ramirez

A history lesson for Suki

Take me as you find me – Naked and prostrate usually. I have a firm grasp of my primeval roots. I guess I’ve always instinctively offered up my genitals when the next caveman came along.

A slave to sex – I’ve always known my place in life which is to look pretty and serve my Master(s).

Suki is not a virgin – It’s just one surprise after another, isn’t it?

Ancient grease – Of course, I’m interested in history, especially the history of sex and how things have developed over the centuries.

Aristocratic privilege – As I’ve said, I know my place!

Metal bras suck – I think I would have made a good Amazon warrior. I would have got on well in the jungle, even wearing a solid silver bra!

Suki learns her history – Time travel with me now back into the past to see how I would have got on at key points in history.

Suki enters cyberspace – I suppose it is just possible that I fell asleep in front of the computer and dreamt all this. Possible but unlikely!

Suki can can-can – Of course, I can. Paris is my oyster.

Let me entertain you – When it comes to spreading my legs wide apart I’m an expert!

Suki and the Germans – Escaping by the skin of my teeth pursued by angry foreigners. This dream is turning into a nightmare.

Suki’s Caesar salad – How did I manage the change of clothes? Don’t ask! I didn’t waste any time in getting my tits out though. When in Rome ...

Suki and the cave people – I’m good at giving advice, me. Not everyone is willing to take it.

Suki storms the Bastille – Fuck it! I’m still being chased by men. This dream is so much like reality.

Suki has the solution – I’m full of bright ideas when I’m dreaming. Trouble is I’ve forgotten them by the time I wake up.

Feeling distracted – I must say that getting my tits out seems to have helped me survive many a tricky situation.

Naked cowgirl – almost – Thank goodness I’m back in the good old USA and in typical pose.

The gift of Suki – Shit! I spoke too soon. The nightmare continues.

Suki Tell – I think I left him a cross beau because there was no night of passion for him. He got the fifty cents though.

Brothers in alms – Ooops! So many possible suspects. How will he deduce who our killer is?

Will Suki meet Dracula? – No fangs! My boyfriend is obsessed with vampires at the moment. He always puts me in his drawings too.

Taxi for Dracula – Never believe the contents of e-mails you get from complete strangers, people!

Monkey business – I wonder how long it will take these primates to work out that they can fuck me before they eat me!

Chill out time – At last I’m awake and able to reflect on the historical truth to be found in dreams.

I’ve cooked strawberries and cream – My boyfriend will be so pleased that I’ve mastered some culinary skills and can now do something else in the kitchen apart from being fucked there.

Can I interest you in a sexy story? – “The Pussy Pendulum” is coming soon to a website near you.

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