Suki Jensen-Ramirez
Suki Jensen-Ramirez

Armageddon sex for Blonde Suki

Suki wants some Armageddon sex – My penchant for big black cocks comes to the fore again. Well, when you see what you want you should go for it, I reckon.

A thoroughbred for Suki – I’m well strapped in and ready for the ride which is being filmed for posterity and it’s my posterior that’s getting it, apparently.

Blonde at sea – Ah, fresh air and warm sea to help your Suki stay trim for all that fucking to come.

Suki gets her honeybear – This particular bear owns a yacht so he gets my vote. I’m sure we’ll work something out that is mutually beneficial. I just need the bear necessities of life, you know. Maybe I should paws to let that one sink in!

Suki always gets her man – An everyday story of me and men. You wouldn’t believe how often this happens to me. Maybe you would.

Suki discovers big black cock – A little homage to my favourite thing in the whole world!

Suki goes on a binge – I take these notions from time to time and overindulge in huge negro penises. Such fun!

Home delivery – If Mohammed won’t come to your Mound of Venus then you just have to take your pussy to him.

Who needs pizza? – My girlfriend and I will not starve after all. Bratwurst on a stick coming right up!

Suki cleans up in the toilet – More black cock engages my interest. Cleaning is so boring unless you spice it up.

A quality penis – Those green contacts really match my top and go much better with my blonde hair than the blue ones. Another example of me being willing to share a dick and being blown away.

Suki is fucked in the loo – Toilets are a nice private place to go for rampant spur-of-the-moment sex.

Suki is the perfect ride – Fill me with cum and leave me panting for more. Guys are so good to me.

Suki’s got the hungry pussy – Well, I’m just glad the run-away pussy was found and somebody was kind enough to feed it.

Everyone thinks about sex – I always get a kick out of guys who think of me when they think of sex. A fantasy never hurt anyone!

Suki has her priorities – Sorry! Call me old-fashioned, but I just like big cocks!

Suki provides a soft landing – I guess I was just built to be jumped on. Start jumping, guys.

Suki is the welcome mat – Just stretch out on top of me and I’ll provide the welcome.

He thinks it’s Heaven and it is – I think the wings we got to wear in Parisian brothel “Heaven” really suited me.

The swan is at it again – These swans just do not know when to stop fucking me. One of these days, by the law of averages, one of them is going to turn out to be Zeus.

Word spreads among the neighbourhood pooches – You fuck one dog and word soon gets around that you’re up for it. Anything with a heartbeat for me, folks!

Suki is the new maid – I just love it when aristocrats fuck me. They think they’re doing me a favour when really it’s me who is slumming.

Neighbour’s son targets Suki – Honestly, kids these days are so demanding. It’s want, want, want! I can barely keep up.

Taken on the kitchen floor – Fuck! Sucking my tits gets to me every time. Throwing me onto the floor is also a strong indicator that I should cooperate. Otherwise a guy’s ego could be damaged permanently.

Teen Suki strikes again – Getting naked with my girlfriends when I was a teenager was something I tried to do almost every day.

Good morning, Suki – Isn’t it amazing that making out with your girlfriends will get some guys up-tight?

Red seduces Suki – Very little effort required, actually. She just had to show up.

Suki gives her friend a sensual massage – With me a massage invariably leads to sex. This girl can’t help it!

A massage for Suki – It can be a preliminary stage or a substitute for sexual intercourse. Whatever! Soft hands roaming over me is a real turn-on.

Suki’s gaping vulva – My inner lips do have a way of peeking out that people find sexy.

A lover’s touch – I thought it was all over but there’s more sensuality in store for me.

A hot tongue in my sensitive passages – At last, after all the hedging around, we get down to fucking. Hooray!

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