Suki Jensen-Ramirez
Suki Jensen-Ramirez

Beach babe Suki

Feeling laid back – Well, this is either sun worship or I’m willing some mountain climber to come down and fuck me! You guess which.

Beach baby – This is the life I was born for.

I’m all about fun – You can have fun with me. It’s that simple.

Gone fishing – Naked, at home in the water, self-sufficient, crab free and a music lover. It must be me.

It’s okay really – I’m blushing but I do not mind this as I was going to take my bikini off anyway.

Just chilling – God, it’s tough for a young woman alone on holiday, isn’t it?

Sun worshipper – I wonder how much of this sand will be in my pussy by nightfall!

Nice tan, Suki – It would be even nicer minus the flowers.

Surfer Suki – Why am I surfing in a dress? I’m just a show-off, I guess.

Model boat – It is a model. I’m not really this big, Mr Fish honey.

Swimming with the fishes – I can be just a blur underwater. It’s easy to see something which isn’t actually there.

Catch me if you can – Half of me wants fish for dinner and the other half doesn’t.

Stand guard – It was a simple request.

Beach perv – I just chose the wrong guy to ask.

Beach stud – He looks wealthy.

Can you afford me? – Loving the motorbike.

A real professional – Straight to the point.

He never pays – Tight bastard!

Nobody messes with Suki – You get me!

Beach threesome – Free drinks are not to be refused.

An interesting bulge – Another free drink perhaps?

Two moist pussies – That liquid has to go somewhere, I reckon.

Photogenic – Wherever you go, if you’re naked, men will find you.

Beach volleyball babes – We have a point to make. I’m making it with my cool sunglasses!

Beach bitch – Oooh, that water feels good after a scorching fuck from McTavish. I love it when a dog fucks me.

Frogs are the best beach lovers – There’s so much going on at this French beach that nobody notices a rubber-clad frogman humping a sexy Suki. At last, sex on the beach!

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