Suki Jensen-Ramirez
Suki Jensen-Ramirez

Blonde babe Suki

A career move for Suki – The things one has to do to get noticed and, yes, he was the first radio reporter to fuck me. How did you guess?

The direct route – The arrow points the way, so what are you waiting for?

Chef’s got Suki – I just have a small part in this sketch but nevertheless I think it’s a pivotal role. Being fucked on the kitchen table is second nature to me anyway!

Detecting a pattern – Never sit naked on a wicker chair and certainly don’t lean back in one. You could be marked for life.

Suki’s sexual appetite never wanes – From Tom Cruise look-alike to the Incredible Sulk, the fucking never stops for a girl like me.

I love an audience – These paintings seem to be enjoying me almost as much as I am!

Fuck that blonde – Another mass gang-bang with dildo accompaniment. It’s just as well I’ve been restrained, I guess.

In my element – It seems a Super Suki can live by cock alone. Keep those fuckers coming!

Environmentally friendly fucking – This German Robin Hood-type really did believe in fucking me rather than fucking the planet.

Suki is easy to handle – This guy road-tested me thoroughly and gave me top marks for being a smooth ride with feather-light power steering. My only negative score was with engine noise. I screeched on the corners apparently.

When can I meet your merry men? – My park-assist mode meant he didn’t even have to use his hands to get me where he wanted me.

Watch me come – Of course, he shouldn’t be using his mobile but I think he wanted to alert his gang while my motor was still ticking over.

A super fuck – Here I’m just clinging on and hoping for the best. It seems to be working.

Suki tied up again – Apparently to be me is to be automatically guilty of being a she-devil who deserves to be whipped. Glad we got that clarified.

I love it when the guy takes charge – I do enjoy being man-handled, restrained and relentlessly used for sexual puroses. A spanked ass and a mouth full of semen are part of the everyday richness of life.

Networking – So, you caught me! Now, what are you going to do with me?

Venus fly trap – Maybe I wanted to be caught!

Suki, the stripper – I’ve come to make a cardiac arrest, honey. Wanna see what I can do with a truncheon?

Pirate portrait – Another of my stripper outfits. Some guys get worried when I wave my cutlass about. Silly boys, I’ve never cut off an erect penis yet. Still, there’s a first time for everything, I guess.

Pussy-eater wanted – Candidates who failed at interview are welcome to apply again and again.

Seize the moment – I was going to take this girl to tusk before she started using her tongue on me.

Watching from the front row – Oh, there’s a tiny little man in the shower! We may find a use for him later.

Let’s be decadent together – Not wearing underwear sends out a signal = Ready to fuck!

Double dildos for Suki – Shit! She didn’t even give me time to get my tights off before she double-dildoed me. See what I mean about no underwear?

A meal for two – Pussy for supper is fantastic. Who says one shouldn’t eat last thing at night?

Super girls – I’m the victim of a spontaneous grab again. She probably could have chosen a better location than the London Underground with a train coming!

Grabbed by a Gypsy – I’m well used to being restrained and finger-fucked by my friend Gypsy.

Chained for pleasure – We would appear to have another restraining and perhaps a double-fisting situation developing.

The slippery slope – I think I can predict what happens next!

Blonde heaven – This little encounter seems to be going well.

There’s always a catch – Obviously it was going too well. Someone is about to intervene.

The wonder is ...? – Is this really too subtle a hint, honey.

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