Suki Jensen-Ramirez
Suki Jensen-Ramirez

Blonde Sukibitch

A forest fuck-off – I wouldn’t say I was competitive but I’d certainly think it. In this direct fuck-off to decide who is Woodland Queen I refuse to be beaten when my partner shoots his load. Luckily a reserve fucker was standing by and ready to log on.

Lap dancing Suki – Whatever the customer wants the customer gets.

Your very own fuck-doll – No need for inflation with live wire me. I don’t come in a box either.

Impaled to music – My cunt can hold a tune and a penis simultaneously. How fortunate is that?

Should have gone to Specsavers – How often do I find myself in a sticky situation? I really must concentrate more when deciding which building to enter.

Office romance – It’s that time on a Friday afternoon when you just want to make plans for the weekend. My pussy is way ahead of me!

Sex slaves for sale – The old “two-for-one” deal is hard to beat. Can I help it if this seems like product placement to you?

The kiss – Just a few pointers as to tongue management.

Girl time – What are friends for at the end of the day?

Suki in a quandary – Actually I’m attracted to very feminine women and I am one myself. This can be confusing at times.

All things to all men – Say hello to my multiple personalities. Please fuck one or all of them!

The priest gets it in – It’s good to know that someone is looking after my spiritual needs even if I’m an atheist!

Anal rape – Not for the first time I’m being fucked in the rear. All I can do is squeal and hope he comes quickly.

A lecture for Suki – Wow! There was so much more in that movie than I imagined. So many layers and hidden messages. I deserve an Oscar or at least my pussy does.

Gypsy and Suki on the pull – We like to spin it out as long as we can but the guys know they’re onto a sure thing.

“Exactly the two qualities you need” – I usually hate job interviews but I do love getting my tits out when the occasion demands it.

Suki gets back to Nature – I can’t wait to get naked and be myself. Guys usually approve of this environmentally friendly side of me.

Caught in the nude – My subconscious craving for an audience is realised again. I wonder if my observer and I are both classified as “tramps in the woods.”

Suki was made in heaven – I think I shall eat this iced lolly in as totally provocatively sexual a way as I can manage.

Suki, the good Samaritan -  Have a burger, buddy, in lieu of sex, OK?

Suki is your guide – Think I’ll lead you astray? I think you’re right!

Suki in Paris – A little fem-dom went down a treat with the froggies, you know. See Kermit and Miss Piggy, for example.

Suki hangs out with a tit-fetishist – If it weren’t for the noose he had round my neck I might have objected to this treatment but his desire for sex did not go beyond playing with my breasts while playing hangman with the rope. Another satisfied customer.

Call me “Babe” – Unlike some stuck-up filmstars I love being called pet names. I do the same with other people. It saves having to remember their names, honey.

Putting down roots – I wonder if I plant this chocolate-covered peanut will it grow into sweet-pea?

First for circumcision? – The local Rabbi is one of my best customers and he just loves to delegate.

I came prepared – So you want a fight, eh? Think you’re up to it!?

Warrior Goddess Suki – Looks like my Danish friends have come round for a party. I’d better order bacon and pastry for 36, please!

Suki and the Pirates – Do you want to be in my gang? You’re gonna need a change of outfit and an eye-patch, honey.

Suki DeLuxe – I’m in sexy angelic mode here. Talk among yourselves while I finger myself and hover.

I got my bear – And my baby-doll outfit! So, I’m ready for bed. I just need someone to fuck me now. The bear tries his best but he really isn’t on the same page.

Anyone for a swim? – I’ve got that Baywatch look in my eye. So who needs rescuing at the deep end?

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