Suki Jensen-Ramirez
Suki Jensen-Ramirez

Caution – Blonde Suki at work

Hooker or homely? – I can be all things to all men. Have me as you want me!

Homemade porn – You have to have sex as if the camera isn’t there. Otherwise a porn film looks amateur.

Anything to make you happy – Everyone has their own tastes. I guess I’m willing to compromise in order to give pleasure to my sexual partners.

A girl can dream – The moral of this tale is – don’t wake me unless it’s to fuck me!

Dreams can be so real – You can never really know what other people are thinking about you, can you?

A reduction in seduction – I guess I’ll never get it quite down to zero, will I?

Don’t just sit there – paint me or fuck me! – I’m not going to pose all day without some result, whatever it might be.

Suki takes pride in her work – Guys will always try to put one over on me and they often succeed.

Suki is an emergency service – A problem with your partner? I have the answer to all your problems. My emergency pussy can be rolled into action whenever you need it.

Suki has done a bad thing – It’s a rare man who will scold you after you’ve just given him a fantastic blowjob.

A hole in one – Fuck, I’m beating par and I haven’t even played a shot yet!

I want it in super slowmo – Go ahead, talk me through what you just did. I want an in-depth penetrative appraisal of the approach work, the technique and the significance (in terms of qualification for Europe) of each move with action replays and fans’ opinions. Did my flat back four let me down? Give me a reminder of the “goal-of-the-month” contenders too!

Just let me fuck Suki in peace – Amen to that!

No complaints for Suki – My customers are always satisfied. It’s a warranty thing.

Unlucky thirteen – Unfortunately he didn’t jump and my boyfriend kicked his head in.

Suki’s secret is safe in the circus – Yes, I’m not the only contortionist in the room. It’s a useful skill to have sometimes.

Picking up Suki in a bar – A girl can’t be blamed for enjoying her work, can she?

Noisy sex with Suki – The more noise I make, the more I’m enjoying it. Sometimes I may be a bit loud. All my yelling and screaming can be misinterpreted.

Specialised treatment – This treatment is available on the National Health Service? Wow! I’m so impressed.

Suki goes tits up – Aren’t the medical profession wonderful! Every time I go to the doctor I have to take off my clothes and  he fucks me!

Pharmaceutical Suki is a goer – I guess there are jealous wives out there who’d like to poison me as well. I’d be happy to let them revenge-fuck me instead!

This is gonna be dear – The buck stops here. You haven’t had sex with my elk before? I’m the pussy, he’s the moose. Call us Tom and Suki.

When I suggested swinging – I actually envisaged something more sedate with the couple next door.

Nosy bastard – My pussy is not to be sniffed at, guys. He wins by a nose.

Power ass – Strong thighs and a leather skirt ruined this guy’s plans alright.

Have a seat on me – I was almost fooled for a moment.

Fuck tape – Fuck! The semen is making a break for it. Pin back those labia so we can get a clear shot.

Hooray for bisexual women! – We don’t get nearly enough acknowledgement in the media and we’re everywhere.

Our daughter’s first strap-on fuck! – And the proud parents are there to witness it.

Four girl orgy at Suki’s – It quickly resolved itself into two separate couples.

The perfect way to spend an evening – Have girl, will fuck!

Three wishes always come true – She may just have to wait a few years yet.

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