Suki Jensen-Ramirez
Suki Jensen-Ramirez

Gold digger Suki

I’m a gold digger – So, I like shiny things! I may even be one myself. I sparkle, I glitter and I’m attracted by wealth. Gold seems to bring out my inner Aztec. Millionaires can at this point form an orderly line!

Wanna play with me? – Handball, softball, you choose. As long as there are balls and beaches, sunshine and sea I’m happy to play.

Just tell me what you want – I’m squatting like a puppy waiting for commands. All you gotta do is order me!

I’m so hot – Hence the limited clothing. It won’t take much to get me naked.

Inca hoots – Oh, yeah. In case you hadn’t noticed, I scream when I’m being fucked. I scream a lot!

Call 911 – Please, just call. I have a bad feeling about this. The Big Chicken is going to split me down the middle.

Temple guide – I can show you the best places for a quiet (apart from my screams) fuck!

I’m a glitter babe – Gold, gold and more gold. A light dusting of glitter and I’m ready to pole-dance you to paradise.

Doing that to steady me? – Of course, what other possible motivation could you have, buster? This guy’s got the back of his neck in my vulva and this is only our first date. Some guys are so forward, backward, no, wait ... I’m toppling!

I’m a hippy kinda girl – My curves are on display to help you decide how much gold you want to lavish on me.

Like my eye-pod? – No, I don’t know what it does either. There’s no wi-fi in this jungle.

Aqua babe – Waterfalls are neat places to hang out, I find. Let us spray.

As deep as it gets? – I want a bath, not a paddle. Keep the liquid flowing, honey.

Ass trology – Booty is in the eye of the beholder and I’m beholding to you, kiddo.

Sexy Suki – Indoors to cool down and check out the carvings. I said carvings.

I’m the one – This guy/girl, ladyboy/whatever hit it off with me straight away.

Not a tranny – He insists he’s not transgendered. I think the earrings give him away.

I’m too good for you, buddy – He’s not my usual type. I will not date any guy whose earrings are bigger than mine.

Perfect Suki’s native charm – Oooh, I’m just soooo cute!

Sleepy Suki – A yellow duvet? Too much? You could be right!

Ready to order, honey? – Back to my job as a waitress after that brief Mexican holiday. Fuck, I’m exhausted.

Fuck this – I’m suffering from gold withdrawal symptoms. I’d better go blonde for a while to recover.

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