Suki Jensen-Ramirez
Suki Jensen-Ramirez

Lost in France with Suki

Picking up an air hostess – There I go, chasing my look-alikes again! Can I not get enough of me? It seems not!

Special French treatment – French men are so charming and helpful, I find. Could they have some ulterior motive? Surely not!

Four times sexier than usual – Naked and wanton, as always. Oh, so fuckable Suki!

Awakening the audience – I think that audience participation should be an essential ingredient of any live sex show.

Sure I read in bed – But I’ll have the free drinks first, buddy. Then we’ll see how good the story is.

I love a good fort – My facial expression says it all, I think.

Communing with nature – I guess I must be an exotic plant too.

Scenic village – France is full of scenic little villages. The interesting scenery is provided by local women and tourists alike.

Swinging in the park – This guy just came along and decided to have a picnic underneath me for some reason.

This must be the red light district – I feel right at home here.

Do I really look slutty? – Well, I suppose I do convey a certain message.

You can have both – No need to choose between me and an alcoholic beverage. Enjoy us both.

Suki alone at night – Appearances can be deceptive and most late night creeps don’t realise they haven’t an earthly chance against my martial arts skills until it’s too late.

Falling in with bad company – Who could have guessed that these two girls would turn out to be baddies?

It’s all true – I swear, officer. It was the viagra that drove him mad. I just wasn’t in the mood for a long session with a seventy year old.

Winter wonderland – See! You can wrap up warm and still look sexy if you want to.

Come warm me up – Now that I’m naked and it’s freezing I do need some extra body heat. Yours perhaps?

A new member – You can always tell the newbies at a Naturists’ resort. They’re the guys with the permanent hard-ons!

All gulls together – They’re flocking but that’s not quite what I want to do.

Need any more pointers? – Yes, the way to a girl’s heart, Cupid, is through her pussy!

Pretty in pink – Let’s go find ourselves a wine bar, honey.

Suki’s vineyards – Well, of course, the cottage and vineyards don’t belong to me but to my boyfriend. I’m right about the red wine though.

Oh so phallic – I love huge things that tower over me!

Rising tide – I’m so trusting sometimes. It’s not always the best policy.

Suki in diffs – Well, this is another fine mess you’ve gotten me into!

I’m overdressed – Just a little something I flung together.

Honestly, I’m not posing – I just adopted this stance quite by accident.

Still not posing – Can’t a girl sit down for a rest without being labelled an aspiring model?

Suki special – Of course, I’m special. Wanna have fun with me?

Sex porn Suki – Each to his own taste, I guess.

Training for rail work – Divide and conquer seems to be the watchword here.

Too much – Sometimes it’s hard to decide what to wear when travelling. Virtually nothing is my fall-back position and I usually do.

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