Suki Jensen-Ramirez
Suki Jensen-Ramirez

Sapphic high jinks with Suki

Reading “The Pussy Pendulum” allowed – I just can’t help touching myself whenever I read erotic literature of the finest quality. My fellow students only have one hand showing too.

A nanny in the park – It’s hard to beat a good park-bench groping and making out session.

An orgy made for two – Kids these days are streetwise. Watching an orgy would be educational, I reckon.

You want little me! – Now I remember what I did last summer – waltzing about in a flimsy nightdress and looking extremely available.

Tits to attention – This cleavage has a purpose in life, honey, and you’re it!

I don’t feel the cold – When you’re this hot, minus temperatures mean nothing!

Suki has the gift of the gab – It’s a great help when you’re both naked and perspiring but at the end of the day it’s what you say during seduction that matters.

Suki seduces a fellow teen – Big tits, small tits! Who cares when you just want to suck on them?

Suki’s new girlfriend – Actually she smells divine, especially in the immediate vicinity of her pussy. It’s good to know that my breakfast is already simmering beneath the duvet.

Gotcha, babes! – Whatever I do I mustn’t let her get away.

Suki and Gypsy relax – I suppose we have to take the occasional break from devouring one another’s pussies.

Domestic bliss – Yeah! Here we go again!

Sex kittens purring together – It’s always advisable to have more than one pet. It makes life more interesting.

We’re so fucking sexy – At least we think alike on important matters.

Face – booked – Ah! An early morning rimming soon wakens you up.

I love my Red – I just can’t keep my hands or my lips off her!

Lick me all over – Thank goodness it’s mutual!

Licking my sweetheart – This well never runs dry!

Rimming Suki – She seems to know what she’s doing. Yippee!

Double-dildoing my baby – There she blows!

Pedigree chums – A nice little foursome and everyone’s happy!

Gypsy and Suki get together – Pussies are there to be eaten after all! Always chew thoroughly.

The nitty-gritty – We just love a wet one!

Just keeping my hand in, honey – When Blondie is chained to the bed, bound and gagged, she’s at her most amenable.

No more apples – It’s nipples from now on for you, my girl!

Suki is really fucked – She would appear to have me sussed.

Dramatic entrance – Yes, I do like to make an impression when I enter a room.

Model girl – One is expected to look classy.

Lingering in lingerie – After the cat-walk show you can fuck me, ladies!

Making a fist of it – You want it all the way up to my elbow? Sure, honey.

Melon cocktail – Hmmm! Reminds me of last night’s pussy.

Xmas spirit – Oooh! The mulled wine has me glowing in the snow.

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