Suki Jensen-Ramirez
Suki Jensen-Ramirez

Secretarial Suki in action

Kissing the boss – Well, it beats the shit out of working, doesn’t it?

What I have to do for the afternoon off – No matter how sweetly I ask for time off I still have to do this if I want to get it.

Elevenses – All part of the daily office routine!

It’s a desk job – Yes, I do have to undress him first and then suck for all I’m worth.

I love my work – This blowjob was more spontaneous. He said he couldn’t concentrate unless I relieved him.

Office routine – Is it better to be under the table or on top of it? I’m never quite sure.

Fucking sign – No wonder his signature is illegible.

I’m being pigeon-holed – I’d rather he fucked me than the office junior.

Being tabled at today’s meeting – I knew I shouldn’t have gone blonde on a Friday.

Fuck the files – Well, this is cosy! Just ram it into me. It’s what my cunt is for after all.

Command me – I’m here to obey you!

My Lord and Master – Is this submissive enough for you?

Take a letter, Suki – Sorry, it keeps falling out, sir.

I’m your bitch – He likes me on my knees. It’s a power-trip thing!

Slave or puppy? – I just do what I’m told. It’s what I’m paid for.

I’ve got elevator syndrome – It’s a recognised psychological condition apparently. Up and down, up and down. Great for the thighs and buttocks.

My boss is a teaser – He just loves playing with my skirt.

So masterful – It’s only an excuse to feel my butt and stimulate my vage! It makes me feel so fucking sexy.

Your face tickles – I get frisky when he brings me back to his apartment. Oh, the friction burns from that stubble are all over me.

The boss’s boss is shagging me too – Yes, even my boss’s boss is fucking me on a regular basis these days. It must be on personal recommendation!

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