Suki Jensen-Ramirez
Suki Jensen-Ramirez

Sex in the Sukiverse

Chained up in the garage – I don’t know which way to turn. My boyfriend keeps me naked, chained and dirty in the garage. He likes me to be covered in muck when he fucks me. There is no excuse for it. The guy is just weird and if he weren’t a millionaire he wouldn’t even be my boyfriend.

Holed up – Once a week I get to service the hired help. Gee, thanks, honey!

Rimmers of London – At least I get some help when it comes to rimming them.

Anal encounter – A day out in the fields on fresh green grass. I’m still being fucked in the ass though.

Let’s sex it up – His bodyguard took pity on me but made sure we fucked before releasing me.

Introduction to lesbianism – I think I’ll stick with fucking women for the time being. It will take a while to get over the trauma.

Buzz words – Red knows how to comfort me. We can hum together.

Captive audience – I am the dominant this time.

Obey your Mistress – Fuck! It didn’t last long, did it?

Right there – Masturbation is as safe as it gets.

I can feel a draught – When I bought this outfit I didn’t notice the missing panel.

Vamp Suki – I’m feeling in command of the situation again. I think it must be the boots that do it.

Take the shot – Bitches get jealous, I guess!

Vibrate me to Nirvana – Reconciliations are so cool, aren’t they? I don’t mind being stabbed by whirring things!

This orgy is compulsory – Ah, it’s the best way to cement new friendships, I suppose.

Still floating on air – Welcomed back into the bosom of my fuck-buddies. How sweet!

Open pussy – Yes, my pussy has been yearning for more cock. It’s just gasping for it.

St. Patrick’s Day special – Dye your hair green on 17 March and you can fuck me for half price.

You’re not on my list – There must be some mistake. Everyone is on my list.

Wild cat – Chilling with my pussy. Miaow!

Thoughtful Suki – I wonder if I’ve fucked him before.

I’m all ears – When in doubt, flash the tits, I say.

Dragon girl Suki – Well, I’ve heard of a backless dress but I’ve never seen a frontless one before.

Bursting to get out there – I look determined. Best just fuck me!

Drum roll – No, there’s no doubt in my mind. They’re here!

Good morning – Who’s horny first thing in the morning then?

I’m a star – Yes, it’s me again, sunshine.

In the spotlight – Sorry, my ass is so hot, even I can’t touch it.

I’m a hot tub honey – Care to join me?

I’m not a prostitute – When the judge asked me if I’d ever taken money for having sex with men I answered truthfully. I’ve never taken money. I have been given it and always before any sex was had. I was taught as a young girl that it is rude to refuse a gift so I never do. Does that make me a bad person?

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