Suki Jensen-Ramirez
Suki Jensen-Ramirez

Sexier than thou

Fuck me, honey – Well, I seem to be in another Catch-22 situation here where fucking me would appear to be the only option. Do you hear me complaining?

A cute threesome – Let’s just dissolve together into a big orgasmic pile.

A well-trained doggy – There’s something unique about a dog’s tongue. It’s much longer than a man’s or woman’s so it can reach those parts other tongues can only aspire to!

Cum everywhere – Having your naked body anointed with lashings of cum is such a sexy sensation. It’s somehow messy and sophisticated at the same time!

I may have overdone the jewellery – I think this cock is on fire! He must have been an old flame. I suppose if you own gold you might as well cover yourself in it. That isn’t all that will be dripping off my breasts in a minute, I fancy.

Suck on, Suki – More value for money from me and an imminent explosion from him.

Keep on sucking, Suki – I’m moving to maximum suck velocity, folks!

Loving care – Now, this is the sort of attention every girl should get when she visits a dating agency.

Blondie fucks Suki – I love it when other people take charge of me with but one aim in mind – to give me pleasure.

Party time for teenage Suki – I know it was a long time ago but a girl has to start out somewhere and take small steps to begin with.

Five girls want sex with Suki – This is my kind of off-the-wall scenario alright. Spontaneous desire is great when you’re on the receiving end.

No sex for Suki this time – Clearly I will have to put more seductive work into this girl. She is a lesbian. She just doesn’t know it yet!

Egyptian pussy for Suki – So the cat chick has aroused my interest and fortunately she is my prisoner too so I can do whatever I want with her.

An unusual threesome – This is not your conventional ménage à trois but it works for me.

Yet another orgy – Yes, I do enjoy a good orgy and having them at my place means so much less hassle.

Dancefloor diva – An eclectic mix of party people with me, second from right, flanked by my two playmates for the evening.

A dream ride for Suki – Somewhere in the Middle East my assets are being advertised on a City Tour. I can’t remember if this was for real or a dream.

Family fuck – My boyfriend’s son has finally tamed me with his sweet innocence act and his superstud abilities.

This kid can fuck – He’s so good at it that I could just lie in bed all day while he fucks me repeatedly. Yes, that good!

Suki keeps it in the family – No, I’m not pregnant but I am bathed in a contented glow every time this errant youth grabs me and fucks me on the spot.

Suki at a swinger club – It must be the atmosphere in places like this which makes everyone seem more glamorous, exciting and well-endowed than they actually are.

XXL fun – Again my memory may be playing tricks but the guy’s dick was just out of this world!

Suki has to phone a friend – I just had to call someone and tell them about the unbelievable fucking session I’d just had.

Back to real life – Different location, different customs and certainly different atmosphere. Away from the world of sex and debauchery people can come across quite differently.

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