Suki Jensen-Ramirez
Suki Jensen-Ramirez

Sexy Suki says: “Feel me!”

I love being fucked – Turn that fantasy into reality when you read my novel “The Pussy Pendulum” which includes detailed descriptions of me being fucked.

Comings and goings – Why is it that the older men I usually shack up with feel threatened by the odd younger man who fucks me? There’s enough of me for everyone to enjoy!

How about a roll in the hay? – Let’s take a straw poll of everyone out there who wants to fuck me this very minute.

I can feel it – Oooohhh! The results are coming in fast!

I’m a swinging pussy – My pussy is on a free-swinging pendulum and it’s all about the joy of fucking!

I’m literally all over you – I know there’s only one of me but it’ll feel like three, I promise.

Caught in the act – I never sign exclusive contracts, honey. I’m a time-share kinda girl! So much so that I could be floated on the stock-market!

A cry for help – I would never dream of calling a halt to an all-day fucking session. You ought to know that by now!

Threesome on the cards – I may find a use for those tongues very shortly.

I’ll drink to that – Whoops! I’m at the red wine again. Cheers!

I’m just a toy – Come play with me!

Let’s just date – It really cut me up to tell him, but we couldn’t go on like this indefinitely.

Weighty problem – It’s hard to get your head around this problem when being slim just comes naturally, along with all the diets and training exercises, of course.

Transforming in the gym – Keeping fit is actually real hard work but worth it if you take in the fringe benefits.

The S-factor – There’s a little chemist in all of us, I reckon. I do love to experiment when it comes to sex.

Taming a wild Suki – There’s your answer. I can’t be tamed!

Suki is a diversionary tactic – Yes, I’m prepared to be a decoy if it will help out a friend on her big day.

Coming prepared – Some guys will take you for granted, if you let them. So don’t you let them.

Chasing the unchaste – He may have forgotten why he’s pursuing me but the elderly can be helped to re-learn old skills with the proper coaching. I am a sex therapist after all!

Erection delay – Just a temporary blip. I didn’t have to wait too long before he rose to the occasion once more.

Feel my tits – Guys are so easy to deflate, even the apparently confident ones. I never usually wear falsies, by the way.

A Suki surprise – He got the shock of his life, but not until after he had fucked me when I took off the veil and wig. He nearly died and then I nearly killed him!

Home sweet home – You spend the entire day fending off amorous advances from total strangers and then your boyfriend shows no interest in you. No wonder I don’t attach much credence to being faithful.

A lucky man – Some guys will tell you the greatest load of horse-shit just to impress you. The guy paid the going rate like every other punter!

At home with a book – I’m just looking through my photo album at the mugshots of the guys and girls I’ve had sex with. Funny, I don’t see yours here!

So hot I’m melting – No, how dare you suggest I’m peeing in the overflow tray? That is just not true, honey!

The Master’s cock – When he comes home I’m under strict instructions to break off whatever it is I’m doing and make available my orifices for his immediate use. It’s part of the Master-Slave agreement we have (I insisted he sign!).

My boyfriend is possessive – When we go out together he can get very hostile towards any other males around.

Spontaneous combustion – Fuck! I knew I should have stayed in the fridge for another half hour!

Suki has a message for you – It’s just a feeling. It came over me quite suddenly.

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