Suki Jensen-Ramirez
Suki Jensen-Ramirez

Suki and her honey

Let’s go for a ride – To Heaven and back! Well, the arrow seems to be pointing in the right direction at any rate. (Yes, it is to be found between my legs, honey).

Suki hits the slopes – What’s the matter? Horn? I guess so! When you go skiing it must be paramount – safety, I mean.

Come get me, lover – Whisk me away to a fairytale castle in Bavaria, please.

A kiss in Venice – No, we’re not standing in front of a poster. This is for real!

Is this romantic? – I guess it just might be, folks!

Holding back my admirers – Everyone wants a peek at naked me. My honeybear does his best to protect me from all that.

Difficult choices – Do I accept the rose from my handsome youth or the plant from my elderly millionaire? Maybe, I’ll just take both!

Heaven for dogs – I love dogs and it would appear they love me!

French kissing – Sometimes when you’re in the square of a cute little French town you just gotta be kissed.

Watch it, buster – Straying eyes are not OK, even if she does look a bit like me.

No threesome this time – I’d rather take the bus than lose my boyfriend to a look-alike.

Don’t take the hump – Say, we’re really getting around on this holiday, aren’t we? Is it because we’re Americans and reckon we can do Europe and Africa in a couple of days?

Midnight at the oasis – The choice is serenade me or cause the volcano to erupt. He may have opted for a bit of both.

Playful Suki – When in France you just have to play leapfrog.

Men are my puppets – Yes, whether they realise it or not I’m the one always in control. Shush! Don’t tell them!

No chance of the cold – I always wear as little as possible. It toughens me up.

Three images of me – Holiday snaps and CCTV evidence.

What a big pussy she’s got – These Disney theme parks are springing up everywhere.

What a girlfriend is for – I hope you don’t feel cheated in this scene. My honey certainly didn’t think he’d missed out on anything.

The Garden of Eden – No, I don’t know why they put fig leaves on me either!

Snog the frog – Yes, you can charm me that easily. You really can!

Suki poses – Out of view there must be someone or other fucking me or else this is one of those miraculous spontaneous orgasms that sometimes happen in your dreams.

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