Suki Jensen-Ramirez
Suki Jensen-Ramirez

Suki behind closed doors

Groping myself in the shower – My pussy craves attention 24/7, even when I’m in the bathroom. A girl has to do what her pussy tells her.

Farting underwater – Yes, I have discovered the turbojet propulsion power that is an underwater fart. It can mean a two second reduction in my personal best time.

Suki is kept busy at the office – This was a particularly busy day for me when my boss was so horny he had to fuck me on the hour all morning. The twat didn’t even give me one letter to type either. I had to do a lot of pretending and work on a short story instead.

Taking a break – Even dedicated sex workers like me need a break sometimes.

Driven to sex – I reckon this is a fair exchange. I’m not being greedy, am I?

Everybody needs good neighbours – I love an audience when I’m fucking. I guess it’s the actress in me just dying to get out and reap the applause.

“I thought she was a real cat” – No one is going to believe a line like that, buddy. You should have just asked your girlfriend straight out for a threesome.

The fucking Olympics and Suki – Top marks for this performance. I think we deserve a gold medal each.

Suki is seriously hot – I seem to be performing here more for the artist than for my client. I think both of them were ready to dissolve by the time I’d finished stripping.

Suki makes another booboo – Can I help it if trains make me horny? I was ever so quiet too.

Picking up Suki in Paris – No, I don’t put out for a single drink. The guy paid me a thousand bucks. He left that little detail out.

Suki sheds stones with sex – So I can’t blame my increased sex-drive on pills! It must just be me then.

Roped in – I do not appreciate being strung up like a turkey unless I’m fucked as well. In fact, I’d prefer to forget the bondage and go straight to the fucking part.

A fucking wait – No, I do not need to be whipped either. Just fuck me, goddammit!

Captive Suki – When you said we should try swinging I hoped it would not just be me doing it.

Suki and her Arab owner – Harem neglect is a serious problem. A girl cannot survive for eleven months on pussy alone. Believe me, I’ve tried it!

Other two wishes not needed – When you have four adoring sex slaves, including me, do you really require anything else?

A garden fuck – Oooh! Being banged on my back in the grass is exactly what I needed.

Ten out of ten from teen Suki – When I was in my teens a lot of big guys like this allowed me to take advantage of them. It was my naive charm, I think.

A younger model – I’m willing to do things a lot of wives wouldn’t even consider.

Big mouth – This is great training for the lips, jaw and throat muscles. It’s just a gift I have.

Tents moments – This guy clearly believes in minimalist furniture. I wonder if I can feng shui this dick anywhere.

Swinger club orgy – Yes, I’m in here somewhere. Work it out for yourselves.

Home cinema usherette – Jeez! They think of everything, these marketing guys. Believe in better!

Intimidating cunt – Even though he may feel overwhelmed this guy knows what he’s doing with a firm grip on the clit and a lot of labia-prising going on.

Suki makes her move on the redhead – It’s been a while since I nibbled on a carrot. I’ve almost forgotten the taste.

Delivering twice the satisfaction – Well, I’ve got two hands so that must equal two pussies at once, right? It’s logical!

Affinity – We would appear to both know what we want!

The maid reports for threesome duty – Well, the blow-up wasn’t cutting it so we had to bring in the hired help. I’m surprised by how well they got on together.

Pussy pursuit – At last I can be dazzled by her pussy rather than by her ear-muffs!

Hold onto the room key – Straight after this swim in the hotel pool we’re going back up to the room to fuck, honey.

Oh, dear – Even dogs on the streets that I’ve never met before seem to know instinctively that I’m bitch-fuck material!

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