Suki Jensen-Ramirez
Suki Jensen-Ramirez

Suki denies everything

I got the child-bearing hips – No, this is not cruelty to animals. He loves bouncing off my hip. He regards it as play.

Love your touch – Notice how I just turn to jelly when a man touches me!

Kissy-kissy – Looks like I got me a hunk.

OMG giant cock – Am I excited or what? I ain’t seen anything cast that big a shadow since the last total eclipse. I can’t wait to be fucked by it.

A hand job – Yes, I’ll shake your penis for you, honey!

Celebrating – Yeah! Tonight the Prince is going to fuck me!

The sneeze and sit technique – See how I brighten up when I sit on a hard cock. The coke up my nose helps, I guess! Seemed like a nice transvestite to sit on.

Totally innocent – “No, nobody has ever been near my pussy, your Majesty!”

A Bunny, me? – You rabbiting on just makes me depressed.

Back to the hips – “Love” but not as we know it. So report me to the RSPCA if you must!

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