Suki Jensen-Ramirez
Suki Jensen-Ramirez

Suki drowns in cum

Suki, the back seat driver – Why is it I seem to end up naked on the back seat of so many cars? I must be a creature of habit.

No religion for Suki – This guy went for a conversion before he’d even gotten a first down.

Suki, the devout atheist – Was I too hard on him? I’m a nice girl really.

Suki goes for a ride – Yet another back seat and I’m being groped again. Don’t you dare lick off my tan, honey!

Suki fucks another hot photographer – OK, we compliment each other. Get over it.

Suki is a charitable institution – Cruella de Ville here paid me well but it was still one of my tougher assignments. I think I did enough that night to earn me a sainthood. To be fair, the guy didn’t break me. It was more squashing, ripping, flinging and choking me.

Fucking with the neighbours – Well, if you have big cocks in the neighbourhood, they should not go to waste, right? My boyfriend and girlfriend seemed happy to watch and learn.

Plenty of cock for everybody – The arrival of a third cock saved the day. I think at this point George went off to hide.

A slam dunk for Suki – Some guys who you allow to fuck you think they can treat you like dirt. I expect to be respected and I usually am.

I’m a glutton for penishment – No, that’s not a typo. I’m a penis glutton and I’m about to be satiated.

The gang-bang begins – What could be a daunting prospect for some was exactly what I needed right then.

Relief as a black woman ate my pussy – Some guy had brought his wife along and while he fucked my face she devoured my pussy. Her gentle licks gave me an orgasm and helped make the night worthwhile.

Those vaginal explosions again – The next hour passed in a haze as cock after cock plunged into me. I came a few times and so did everybody else. Guy juice was flooding out of me in rivers as my banks burst.

Drowning in a sea of cum – Boy, was I glad to be home! No more multiple gang-bangs until I stop having nightmares about this one.

Making me squirt – Oooh, yes! You pull my orgasm trigger and you’ll get a facefull, honey!

Suki and the Sultan – He has so many women he can only recognise us by our pussies. My face will mean nothing to him but one glimpse of my cunt and it’s “Hi, Suki!”

I can wait no longer – You know I’m not exaggerating here, don’t you? To be honest,  it is this guy’s only saving grace.

Analyse this – Bouncy-bouncy and another satisfied customer. Do sainthoods come in the post, I wonder?

Suki is a mermaid – So, I have an unfair advantage here. It made a nice change from my dolphin fuck-buddy. Notice the strategic rip in my mermaid costume? Now you know how we fuck!

Ostracised – Once our boat sank Blondie, Red and I grabbed the one male survivor for obvious reasons. His wife wasn’t pleased but I don’t think he cared.

All I said was “Room Service” – One minute you’re standing outside a hotel room with a tray and the next some guy has grabbed you, dragged you in and staked you out on the bed. I think he’d been expecting a hooker but I was a waitress at that particular hotel! The tip made up for it though.

Give me a break – No, it wasn’t a karaoke pool bar. I was just drunk and, believe me, I cannot sing.

Hi, aces – Superheroes night at the casino where they all gang up on WonderSuki and Black Angel at strip poker. Men and their silly games!

Suki and Red snuggle up – We’ve both got sharp nails so our shorts and tee-shirts haven’t lasted long. I don’t think the garden hose will cool our desire either.

It’s cos-play time – Yep, we’re evenly matched, I reckon.

Fantasy sex for WonderSuki – It’s no fantasy! She’s tweaking my nipple while I use my super powers to unfasten her mask.

I’m a cat lover – She’s purring so I can’t be all that cat!

Lesbian sex show – The bar manager had to be strapped to his chair while we auditioned for him. We got the gig after a couple of minutes but we finished the 20 minute show anyway like true professionals.

Black is back – Fucking men! They can be such a pain. How do us girls ever cope?

Blondie and Suki are lovers – Well, for a start we have sex with one another which is usually way better than with some guy. A pretty good start, I’d say.

Togetherness – Ah, yes, an intimate moment is good for morale.

Tattoos can be dangerous – Or maybe it’s just scantily clad hotties who cause accidents.

Warm embrace – I’ve been grabbed from behind by a naked girl again. I must come in the nude to these bushes more often.

Lesbian slave army – Speed, bondage, pointy things – this is the life, eh?

Suki has a ball – Back in the water with my beach volleyball chums, a Suki’s work is never done.

Beach shower – Why didn’t I take off my glasses? It’s because when they steam up I don’t have to get the hots for all the guys standing watching me.

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