Suki Jensen-Ramirez
Suki Jensen-Ramirez

Suki is a dish best served hot

CSI Suki – Don’t worry! I’m not really a cop. This was just a fancy dress party cum orgy at a local farm. I guess our little conventional threesome was just shocked by what people who are determined enough can do with pigs and ducks!

Quick change Suki – The continuity here has gone a bit awry. Not only was it a very quick change of clothes but my hair was restyled too – all in the space of a few seconds.

Capturing Suki – I’m not sure why the leader of the gang wanted to paint me but obviously scantily clad girls were his thing.

Suki’s love potion – You never know when a potion like this will be needed. I do seem to find myself in all sorts of scrapes.

Just one wish – Which apparently came true right away. Lucky me!

My Prince has come – I suppose he had the right idea to get me noticed and increase my popularity rating.

My little pony – Just grew into a big horse that liked fucking me. I don’t really blame it, I suppose.

Wolfgirl – So I met this single parent wolf in the forest and I guess I just made myself useful to the point where he may have taken advantage of me in more ways than one. Oh, I can still feel those sharp little teeth!

Teach your bitch new tricks – I’m really so easy to train I shock myself sometimes.

A walk with the dog – Can sometimes turn into an outdoor fucking session. I told you I was easily trained and I’m not the only one.

Mutual attraction – Of course, all this sex with dogs is a two-way street. It wouldn’t happen if they weren’t so keen on it.

More dogging for Suki – There’s something about someone panting in my ear that to this day can set me off.

Pets win prizes – Two of my best friends are about to move to the next level. Lucky me again!

The bride’s best friend – Three horny girls tested by the lab. I wonder where we can get a cat to scan us?

A Suki sandwich – At the end of the day it’s a nice place to be! Blondie and Red know what I like.

Halloween makes Suki horny – Funny how dressing up and having a tit thrust in my ear can turn me on! I suppose almost anything will when I come to think of it!

Suki’s precious baby needs looking after – Everyone likes to role-play and this arrangement suits both of us pretty well.

Combined effort – There are numerous options when you are involved in a threesome.

A treat for my boyfriend – My long-suffering boyfriend deserves a little perk from time to time and letting loose two of my wild girlfriends and me on him is really a treat for all of us.

Going to work on a Suki – These three guys are having fun with me but the fourth felt a bit left out, I think.

Suki turns Japanese – A small dick is only a show-stopper if you let it be one. There are so many other things to do. Has anyone ever heard me singing?

Suki tests the waters – It may not be in the Highway Code but as hand signals go this one is fairly clear. Time to lose the trunks, I reckon, honey!

Lego Suki needs lovin’ – Yes, even the Lego version of me is looking for the right connection. I’ve already turned on so all you need to do is plug in and play with me!

Lego Suki makes a connection – Yes, the pieces fit together nicely. We were made for each other.

Thanks for the lift – Does this guy really need any more of a hint?

Suki is the winner – How appropriate that I should win the Bi-contest! Now all I have to do is fuck the judges, as promised!

Victorious Suki – No, I didn’t beat him actually. I just tired him out.

What can I get you? – I’m completely at your service, you know.

Sultry Suki – Although I do have my moods!

Suki’s lust knows no bounds – Anyone who can make me look this good with a waistline to- die-for deserves to fuck me, I reckon. Perhaps size coud be a problem this time though!

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