Suki Jensen-Ramirez
Suki Jensen-Ramirez

Suki is always willing to fuck

Always willing to fuck – I feel drawn by artists. It’s just something intangible which seems to materialise out of thin air and be given a life of its own.

Bursting to get out – Clothes cannot contain me when I’m rampant for it.

Suki and her mother – Actually my Mom is much more attractive than she has been depicted here but you get the picture. I’m a slut and she doesn’t approve.

Plastered in Paris – So, the Sex Police have arrested me for being drunk in charge of a basque. Seems reasonable.

Comparing the market – Insurance can be fun after all. Who knew?

Life imitates art – Oh, yes, it does!

I need a new dildo – It seems I’ve pretty much exhausted the possibilities in my dildo-cupboard. What is a horny girl to do?

The world stands to attention for Suki – If I can’t give guys hard-ons I don’t think I want to go on living!

Busy, busy, busy – Yea, life can be tough sometimes, can’t it?

Reading “The Pussy Pendulum” – Yea, I’m not just lying naked here to catch a few rays. (The guys don’t have to be named Ray). Hurry up and finish the book, honey.

Four shades of me – The Sukis are gathering at the watering hole. That’s your cock, in case you hadn’t worked it out!

Would you lie to me? – Oh, that Pinocchio penetration can’t come soon enough!

It’s non-stop fucking for a month – Well, do you hear me complaining once? He bought me new clothes when the month was up, by the way.

A bit too rough – I wore gloves because I didn’t want to hurt him too much!

Fresh buns for Suki – Everything comes down to money in the end, I guess.

Girls move on – Once the well runs dry it’s time for pastures new.

Economic values – It’s a market-driven economy after all.

Harem scare ‘em – No matter how wealthy and powerful you are it all comes down to how you perform in the bedroom at the end of the day.

Pussy takes priority – Some guys just can’t get their priorities right. You have to teach them.

Early lunch – Less can sometimes be more. A classic case here of eating dessert before the main course.

Dangerous sex – When a man reaches a certain age he should avoid too much excitement at all costs.

Sounds like sex – As a masseuse I always provide a happy end, but in this case he should have kept his mouth shut, I reckon.

All this over a parking fine – Sometimes the French police have a tendency to over-react to a situation. Six uniformed and four plain-clothes to collect a fifty euro fine? Honestly! Could it be the car, the dress or me that got them to mobilise?

Brothel raid – Can’t folk play sex games without gendarmes flooding the building?

This guy is left-handed – Ah, the wisdom of the East. Sherlock Holmes eat your heart out.

Can he still have kids? – A true story, folks. I was that Suki.

Suki flips out – And I meant it. When the guys saw the sword they high-tailed it out of there.

Anyone else? – Do you get my point, guys?

Warrior Queen – You can make a big impression when you wield a sword.

I’m here – A riding crop can also leave an impression!

Oh, what an atmosphere! – Even the shitting pigeon is up-market here.

Because I’m worth it! – I know I have an audience so I intend to milk it!

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