Suki Jensen-Ramirez
Suki Jensen-Ramirez

Suki’s naked nightmare

No more late-night Bratwurst for me! – One of my stranger nightmares! I think this may have been prompted by the US Presidential election result.

Access all areas – I’m bound to deserve this for my many misdeeds in the past.

Bad company – I keep meeting the wrong guys. How is a girl to know who is normal and decent these days?

Spur of the moment – Yes, pick me up and fuck me against the wall. I’m so totally OK with it.

Your sex slave – Tempted? Use me, Master. Exactly as you wish!

Choose me – Maybe you prefer your babes to be sweet and innocent!

Unveiling Suki – Best get out my best features first, eh?

Embracing Destiny – She had such small breasts but such a sweet mouth.

Bar Lesbia – An historic themed lesbian pub sees me pull pints with the best of them.

I got you – I think I prefer you to the car, honey.

I need a rub-down – Any takers?

One honk for “Yes” – Sex together should be fun.

Pool rendez-vous – A nervous swimming mate.

She’s in hot water – A quick seduction – tits first.

Getting together – We’re making progress.

Bedtime – There comes a time when actions speak louder than words.

A morning stroll – Cracked it! Whooo!

Three’s a crowd – Looks like I’ve fucked my chances with Blue then.

Up for a threesome – By contrast, this girl seems really ripe for some fun.

Three-way kissing – Let’s just slobber over one another!

Devouring the newbie – One of us for each end. Isn’t she the lucky one?

Hot tea, anyone? – Sorry, I mean hottie, anyone?

Suki’s cubist phase – I seem to have developed a few sharp corners, but I hope I can still make a good impression.

Suki, the BDSM girl – Fuck me against this wall if you want to, honey.

Super Suki – The mask doesn’t really hide my identity. I suspect the tits give me away.

Of course, I’m ready – Ready for more rampant lesbian sex? You bet, honey.

Getting wet together – Oooh, fancy meeting you here!

Just can’t wait – Out of the pool and heading straight for the pussy!

Kissing my girlfriend underwater – I wonder how long she can hold her breath. Long enough for me to explore her hidden depths, I hope.

Punished for parking – Of course, I deserve it. I dented his car, he’s denting me. Seems fair to me!

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