Suki Jensen-Ramirez
Suki Jensen-Ramirez

Suki’s varied career

Suki says “yes” to everybody – No, I don’t! That’s just jealous people trying to put me down. I only say “yes” when I want to. It’s pure coincidence that I want to all the time.

Suki is fifty-fifty – Actually it’s more like a hundred and fifty to zero, but I don’t like to boast.

Promoting “The Pussy Pendulum” is getting harder – The things I have to do to sell my novel!

Realistic cos-play – Yes, he was getting a little too enthusiastic about wielding that axe. It certainly wasn’t for cutting rope, that’s for sure.

A stroll in the country – I think this farmer was getting his hopes up but I reckon I let him down gently.

In the right bed – Shop salesmen should be there to serve the customer’s needs, not the manufacturers’ whims.

Fucked on the beach – A nude beach is a great place to be fucked. I just wish the sand would not make a beeline for my pussy!

Always the hole behind – No matter how much I extol the merits of “The Pussy Pendulum” there will always be those who go for anal.

Keeping within the law – I’m fast when I want to be and slow when I need to be.

Crash dummy Suki – Fortunately I got my memory back reasonably quick but not before the guy had fucked me four times.

It’s just terrific – No, this relationship was just too one-sided for me.

Managing blondes – Yes, I can be managed. A little logic goes a long way.

Suki knows about sex – Some men adapt quickly to a given set of circumstances. I admire that. Of course, he fucked me. You have to ask?

Suki, the sex therapist – Practical beats theoretical every time, honey!

Suki is not amused – I’m just telling it like it is!

Suki, the perfect model – Funny how it always comes down to pussy shots.

On the seamy streets with Suki – Of course, it was all just a fun game. The guy would be no match for me in a real fight.

Suki makes the ideal present – Sometimes initial impressions can be deceptive. Best not to get involved is my advice.

Painting Suki – Yes, it’s true – an artist’s model gets more than an escort. Just as well I’m multi-talented.

Revenge on Suki – Sure, I deserved it! No argument.

My late boyfriend – Well, I think they bought my excuse. We didn’t wait around to find out.

A lack of trust – As if I would cheat on my boyfriend! The very idea!

A sudden silence – Get used to it. I’m noisy in bed. If you can’t take the decibels then just don’t fuck me.

The Suki home entertainment system – Not another guy who cannot meet my perfectly reasonable demands! Once you turn me on you gotta stick with it till the end.

Suki’s wake-up call – I guess I don’t care how I get it, just as long as I get it!

Suki’s interior design – I suppose the guy has a point. He didn’t have my undivided attention. Bad Suki!

Suki’s new job – Well, it’s how I get to know people. Don’t be so judgemental!

Suki and the robber – I’ll take whatever is dished out to me.

Suki is in the mix – One guy can look pretty much like another when you’re pissed. How was I to know where he was taking me? I thought it was his Dad we were going to see, for a threesome, maybe.

Suki needs a ride – My charms fail me at the crucial moment. I should have guessed he was gay from the checked shirt.

Suki and the window-cleaner – Yet another let-down for little old sex-siren me!

On board for love – Yea, life’s only like that in the movies and on TV, folks!

Stranded on an island – This is definitely not my lucky sequence of events. What the fuck is wrong with these people?

Suki to the rescue – Ah, my self-confidence is restored in one fell swoop. Thank goodness!

Suki sells sex to bored housewives – So, each of these four horny ladies asked for a private show. What’s more, after I’d used the dildo on them they insisted on using it in me. That’s a lot of mid-day fucking, people! My kinda day.

Ram me, you goat – My horny new friend had the whole of this mountainside and the whole weekend to fuck me. We got on just fine, thanks for asking.

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