Suki Jensen-Ramirez
Suki Jensen-Ramirez

Suki takes on the whole world

Sarcastic bastard – No, this is not a scene from the remake of “An Officer and a Gentleman.” This cunt forced me to go on the game in the first place.

Blowing the guys – Arabian nights this ain’t, folks!

The four cocks of the Apocalypse – I’m multi-tasking again and with no little skill, I would suggest.

Drowning in cum – My pimp got his buddies to “make a statement” here. They just spunked off all over me.

More semen for Suki – A girl could develop a taste for this stuff!

Locked in the cockpit – After doing this for a day you really do feel used, let me tell you.

A proper facial – The human Kleenex strikes again!

An after-dinner fuck – More Royal cock! The dining-room table is just the place for me to get the Sheik’s.

Entering Suki – Ah, a more pastel moment!

Sucking sensation – Nice rhythm, if I say so myself!

Up and under – Yet another cunt getting off in my anus.

Fucked by an ape – I shouldn’t complain – this was one of my three fucking wishes! Although I specifically requested a big one.

Whore meets horse – I said I wanted somebody hung like a horse, not an actual horse, for fuck’s sake!

Now that is a cock – The question is where is he going to put it?

The bigger the tongue – The harder I fall. Horsey, horsey, don’t you stop!

The hairbrush makes the difference – I didn’t really mind his hand spanking me. The brush was going too far.

Suki, the Prisoner – As Arab prisons go, this one is not too bad, I guess.

I’m well connected – I like this interlinked body jewellery, specially designed for flashing at people.

Sexy Suki – Yea, my ass is still on offer at the cheaper off-peak rate or the Turquoise Tariff as it’s known in these parts.

Confession isn’t always good – I think I prematurely ejaculated for the first time here.

Dressing to please – Well, it’s a no-brainer really, isn’t it?

Shaking all over – A true story, folks.

Suki, your private nurse – I’m not doing this because of “the will thing.” It’s because it makes his little face light up so!

Tell our granddaughter – “That when she’s done she can make you your dinner and put you to bed because I’m leaving.”

Fuck my mouth, Master – My eyes always water when a cock goes through to the back of my neck.

Eye protectors obligatory – Thank goodness for this headgear. Semen in the eye is such a bummer.

Fuck, cum and piss – So after these four guys fucked me, they came on my face and then pissed all over me, including down my throat. So much for the friend zone! I should have gotten paid for this.

Cool it, Taylor honey – Sometimes my friend Taylor overreacts to particular situations, like when he sees a vampire. He really should learn to chill more.

Sultry Suki – Who needs a sword when you have a bra-strap?

Black and white Suki – Fuck this bra! I’ve put it on wrong again!

Your fantasy – Oooh, PVC me to death if you want to.

Come and get me – I’ve rolled out the red carpet for you, honey. What else can I do?

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