Suki Jensen-Ramirez
Suki Jensen-Ramirez

Suki, the girl for all occasions

An ideal opportunity – Well, what would you do in the circumstances? The answer seemed obvious to me. Phone the rescue services and, while we’re waiting, fuck each other stupid.

SWAT Team Suki – I’m multi-tasking again. Killing a fly and pleasing my girlfriend with one spatula. Green plastic just has that effect on me.

Buffer zone – Yes, our breasts prevent us from getting as close as we want to so we’ll just have to stretch out our tongues and hope they reach!

Do guys picture me naked, Suki? – Yes, and not just the guys, honey. You’re fucking gorgeous!

Over my knee – Some asses are made for spanking and Gypsy’s is one of them.

Social networking – If I can’t be there in person it doesn’t mean I’m any less horny.

Just a thong at twilight – What dark thoughts are running through my mind as I contemplate the grey skies?

Suki pleases herself – OK, what else is there to do when you’re naked by yourself in bed? Sleep? What’s that?

Suki is fucked at the Aquarium – These things will happen, I guess. Looking at sharks must get guys horny.

Queue jumper – I suppose fucking the person in front of you is one way to disorient them before you sneak past.

Suki takes it all in – This face-fuck made my eyes pop! Why do guys have to be so forceful?

Refuelling Suki – How did he know what my asshole was doing? Anyway I could use a full reserve tank, I suppose. I wouldn’t want to risk running out of Suki fuel, would I?

Catching Suki in the shower – He was right, of course, the little fucker. I always need cock.

Suki’s teen lover gets stuck into her – Ah, the enthusiasm of the young! They never seem to get tired. So no complaints from me.

Keeping it in the family – So both father and son get the benefit of sex with me. So no change there then. It’s just like my novel “The Pussy Pendulum”. Enough Suki to go around.

Tantric teen Suki – I like to share my prowess with the next generation. My pussy is a friend to all ages.

Another ass-fuck for Suki – Good advice from my girlfriend Gypsy but just like me to take risks when it comes to juggling my lovers!

Caught in the act – He must be psychic! I greeted him with my legs wide apart and my throbbing cunt at the ready. Fortunately his son sprinted back to his own room just in time.

Sex with Suki – It really is that simple to chat me up. I’m permanently gagging for it.

Hot Suki – Fuck me! Men can be so wonderful sometimes!

My anus cries out – Yes, as soon as I turn my back for doggy-style I know what’s coming. My sweet little asshole just falls prey to whoever was happily fucking my pussy before.

Suki looks hotter than ever – I spoil my boyfriend, I guess. Giving him a blowjob every morning as well as one when he comes home in the evening is perhaps overgilding the lily.

Suki’s little sweetener – Somehow I’m at my best when I’m on my knees with my tits out in front of a guy.

A shower of cum – I’m about to be spewed upon once more while the kid has a front-row seat. Fuck!

Trouble with a capital “T” – I’m not a snitch but I have to vent my frustration and annoyance somehow!

Permanently horny – Even a cold shower isn’t going to cure my nymphomania!

Jerking off with Suki’s panties – I can’t blame someone for fancying me. I guess it’s good to know that Junior wants to fuck me too.

A whopper for my pussy – Who could have guessed he’d be so well-endowed? Far from being any cock in a storm it turned into a marvellous fucking for horny little moi!

Like son, like father – Different boyfriend, similar set-up! I just span the generation gap so easily.

Caring Suki – Waitress, care assistant, sex object. I’m all things to all men.

A standing ovation for Suki – God, I fucking adore cock, me!

Bath, bed and blowjob – Just to complete the full Suki-service I’m gonna suck this elderly gentleman’s dick. Well, he couldn’t possibly be expected to go to sleep with the Eifel Tower sticking through his duvet, could he?

Suki is a high flyer – I shouldn’t really be diving while they’re playing waterpolo in the pool but I’m just a girl who loves adventure at heart. One never knows who one will meet next!

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